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Knicks Look to Get in the Win Column Against Refurbished Rockets

The Knicks Wall (Mike Cortez) — Does Daryl Morey’s squad have an ax to grind over spoiled Melo trade talks?   Real basketball is on the horizon. For now, we have the preseason, which is not a terrible alternative. The new look Rockets come to town with a 2–0 record against an 0–3 Knicks squad. In their two preseason games, the Rockets have taken down the Shanghai Sharks and the revamped Oklahoma City Thunder. In that...
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Rockets Demolish Knicks, NY Falls to 0–4 in Preseason

The Knicks Wall (Ankit Mehra) — Here we go again.   Well, four games into the New York Knicks’ preseason campaign and it might be time to write off the season. Thus far in the preseason, the Knicks are yet to play a game where they have given up under 100 points, while also being the second straight game where they have lost by 20+ points. On Monday night, it was a 117–95 whooping that included Houston head coach Mike...
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Knicks versus Brooklyn in Preseason: Part Deux

The Knicks Wall (Ty Jordan) — Will the Young Knicks get on track against an equally young Nets team?   This Sunday, the New York Knicks will be taking on the Brooklyn Nets for the second time in the past five days. The first game didn’t go as well as everyone hoped, but at least the second preseason loss had bright points. With Frank Ntilikina, Ron Baker, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Luke Kornet, and Kristaps Porzingis...
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Embrace the Tank: How an Expected Poor Season Could Pay Dividends for the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Brendan Duball) — Expectations aren’t high for the Knicks, a long season is in the forecast. That could very well be a good thing.   The New York Knicks, expectedly, are going to stink this year. This is good news (kinda). Carmelo Anthony’s departure puts the Knicks in an even more difficult position to compete, but an easier position for developing the future. This is exactly what the Knicks should be...
  • 283 days ago
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The Young Knicks Head South to Face the Wizards in Preseason

The Knicks Wall (James Woodruff) — The Knicks head to the DMV to take on the Wiz Friday night.   John Wall is probably the best two-way guard in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait another few weeks to see if the Knicks rookie point guard can use his wingspan and athleticism to slow up Wall and the Wizards’ high-octane offense. With Frank Ntilikina out for tonight’s game, it appears that the...
  • 283 days ago
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Without Their Star, the Knicks Sputter In D.C., Lose 104–100 in Preseason

The Knicks Wall (James Woodruff) — Porzingis and Ntilikina sit, Beasley and Kanter fill in for New York’s team trying to find its identity.   Waiting for the Knicks to post what the starting lineup will be for the night is an exercise in futility. Anytime the Knicks post their starters, there’s going to be a tinge of exasperation. Tonight, the result was playing Tim Hardaway Jr. at the 3 and placing Courtney Lee at the 2....
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Roundtable: TKW’s 2017–18 Season Predictions

The Knicks Wall (The Knicks Wall) — Our writers put their heads together to predict what will go down for the Knicks in the upcoming season.   he New York Knickerbockers are ready to suit up with an alarming lack of expectations for the 2017–18 season. The summer flew by–and so did a few Knicks. Phil, Carmelo, D-Rose: all gone. Kurt Rambis? Surprisingly still here. Hornacek is coaching the squad of Island of Misfit Toys and...
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