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Knicks Film Study: Ron Baker’s first rotation of the season

The Knicks Wall (Jeffrey Bellone) — Jeff Hornacek came under immediate scrutiny for playing Ron Baker over Frank Ntilikina on opening night. That fact aside, the Knicks made a run after Baker entered the game. Let’s see how he looked.     The post Knicks Film Study: Ron Baker’s first rotation of the season appeared first on The Knicks Wall .
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Knicks Film Study: Kristaps Porzingis defense on Carmelo Anthony

The Knicks Wall (Jeffrey Bellone) — Opening night gave Knicks fans a marquee match-up between their ex-superstar and future corner piece. Let’s take a look at how the Knicks and Porzingis defended Melo.       The post Knicks Film Study: Kristaps Porzingis defense on Carmelo Anthony appeared first on The Knicks Wall .
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How the Raptors Match Up with the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Peter Saclarides) — Veteran Raptors Look to Literally and Metaphorically Dunk on the Knicks Again This Season   Entering the 2017–18 season, the expectations for the New York Knicks are far different from what they were a year ago. Instead of being pressured to succeed immediately with a roster built to win, the only expectation the Knickerbockers face this season is to develop young talent and show some...
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Guest Column: Kristaps the Savior by Joseph Nardone

The Knicks Wall (The Knicks Wall) — Guest contributor and free agent Joseph Nardone pens a reflection of the Knicks fan mindset before the season. The year is 2066. A man and his young son are gazing at a landscape riddled with nuclear fallout. Things have changed since the War of Peons in 2018 but much has remained the same. Here, one true constant, the knowledge passed down from one generation to another, is about to happen....
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Knicks Open the Season In OKC Against Carmelo Anthony and His New Thunder Brodies

The Knicks Wall (Mike Cortez) — Facing the former face of the franchise in his new home is tough enough. Dealing with Russell Westbrook and Paul George too? That’s quite a test to start the season.   The boys are back. It may have only been five months since real Knicks basketball, but it felt like forever. That’s probably because so much has changed in such a shorter amount of time. Tonight is both the closing of a...
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Knicks Sign Isaiah Hicks to a Two-Way Deal

The Knicks Wall (Ankit Mehra) — The Knicks have filled out their second two-way contract spot by signing Hicks.   After signing Luke Kornet to a two-way contract on July 3, the New York Knicks have filled out their second two-way contract spot by signing former University of North Carolina (UNC) power forward Isaiah Hicks to a two-way contract. The Vertical’s Shams Charania was first on the report:   Sources: The...
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Porzingis Rises But Bottom Falls Out from Under Knicks in OKC

The Knicks Wall (Matt Spendley) — Carmelo Anthony and his new team handed the Knicks their first loss of the season, downing New York by a score of 105–84. The Knicks were defeated by the Thunder on Thursday night in their season debut. Despite a spirited first-half effort, the Knicks ended up slowly falling apart down the stretch, succumbing to a fruitless bout with turnovers and a Thunder offense that began to percolate as...
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Brooklyn’s Quick Backcourt, But Sagging Frontcourt Makes an Interesting Match Up with New York

The Knicks Wall (Ty Jordan) — In the preseason, the Brooklyn Nets looked great against the New York Knicks in both games they played, but so did everyone else. Interestingly enough, this preseason success doesn’t negate the fact that both teams have been a mirror of each other for around half a decade and continue to be so. Both the Knicks and Nets have been among the most terribly managed in this new top-heavy era, both...
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TKW Podcast: KP Guarding Melo, Tradeable Contracts, Reduced Roles & More

The Knicks Wall (Anthony Corbo) — Season 2, Episode 2   Anthony Corbo, Trey Teamer, and Ty Jordan of The Knicks Wall break down the most burning questions going into this 2017–18 New York Knicks season, including who’s guarding Melo on Thursday, how big roles will impact Porzingis and Ntilikina’s potential, THJ as a legitimate threat, decreased playing time for returning vets and much more.   SUBSCRIBE AND RATE...
  • 271 days ago
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What the Old Vets Can Teach the Young Knicks About Rebuilding

The Knicks Wall (James Woodruff) — On a Team Going Young, the Knicks’ Vets Have Some Wisdom Left to Pass to Porzingis, Ntilikina & More   Lance Thomas is now the Knicks’longest-tenuredd player. The 29-year-old swingman found success as a Knick after being a throw-in from the 2015 deadline trade which moved J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert to Cleveland. Prior to that, Thomas was the recipient of several 10-day contracts...
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Young 76ers Set to Pose Possible Challenge to Knicks in Atlantic Division

The Knicks Wall (Ankit Mehra) — Is this the year where we can officially trust the process?   Coming into this season, I think it’s fair to say expectations are low for the New York Knicks, with a lottery pick being the key motive come June. One of the interesting storylines, though, in the NBA is how the Philadelphia 76ers will fare with their rebuild now seemingly at high tide. Boasting a potential superstar in Joel...
  • 272 days ago
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With Kyrie Irving, the Celtics Appear Even More Challenging to Overcome for Atlantic Rival Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Mike Cortez) — The Knicks were 1–3 against the Celtics before Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward came to town. How can they contain this revamped Celtics squad?   For the first time in recent memory, the Eastern Conference isn’t clearly LeBron James’ to lose — for now. The Boston Celtics, last year’s first seed in the East, have elevated from solid team to bona fide title contender. The reclamation project...
  • 273 days ago
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Jarrett Jack, Knicks Agree to Non-Guaranteed Deal

The Knicks Wall (Reid Goldsmith) — The veteran point guard brings added competition headed into training camp. The New York Knicks and point guard Jarrett Jack have agreed to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal, according to Basketball Insiders’ Michael Scotto. Jack is coming off an injured season, only playing in two games during the 2016–17 season for the New Orleans Pelicans. Jack is looking to rebound after his ACL tear and...
  • 275 days ago
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TKW Film School: Porzingis at the 4 vs 5, Frank Ntilikina defense, and more!

The Knicks Wall (Jeffrey Bellone) — With Opening Night less than a week away, let this be the first of what will be a season-long installment of weekly film sessions with your host, Jeffrey Bellone a.k.a. Knicks Film School.   Welcome to TKW’s Knicks Film School. I’m excited to make this the first of what will be a weekly study session of Knicks basketball. I’ll break down interesting things I see on film, respond to...
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Knicks Look for First Preseason Victory in Final Match Up Against Wizards

The Knicks Wall (Brendan Duball) — The last preseason game could have regular season implications for players on the fringe of the roster.   To nobody’s surprise, the New York Knicks have looked absolutely dreadful through four preseason games. While Jeff Hornacek and Scott Perry promised a larger emphasis on defense during the offseason, the team has yet to hold an opponent under triple-digit points this preseason. With...
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