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REPORT: Enes Kanter will opt in to the final year of his contract, return to the Knicks

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — No surprises here. So much for waiting until the “ last minute, last day, last second .” Yahoo!’s Shams Chanaria has reported that Enes Kanter will opt in to the final year of his contract with the Knicks, worth $18.6 million: New York Knicks center Enes Kanter plans to exercise his $18.6M player option today to return to the team next season, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. — Shams...
  • 112 days ago
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Knicks fans get their very own free agent ‘Decision’ drama, courtesy of Enes Kanter

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Some teams get LeBron and Kawhi. We get Enes. Free agency is nearly upon us, and once again the New York Knicks are in the thick of a free agent decision. One player, heavily tied to the organization, has drawn the attention of the entire basketball world. I’m referring, of course, to Enes Kanter . The Turkish big man has until Friday to decide whether or not to opt in to the final year...
  • 113 days ago
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Knicks Links: I Kant(er) wait for June 29

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Also: Trey Burke campin’ and KRISTAPS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD Guess what’s back? Back again? Links are back! Tell a friend! Yes, it’s the glorious return of links posts. I’m working on figuring out a schedule so that these will be back for good! Here’s some tunes to jam out while you read: And then there’s these links: — Enes Kanter figures to be the biggest story of the...
  • 114 days ago
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Kevin Knox quick study, ft. Elan Vinokourov

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Take your time and do it right... Some of us have been lasered in since beginning of the year. Some watched his tourney run. We’ve all heard about the fantastic workouts. And ultimately we banded together to boo that pathetic father who has failed his impressionable young son by encouraging him to drink that mindless blue haterade. Some (obviously) have never seen him play. The last we’ve...
  • 115 days ago
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New Knicks!

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — Knicks Picks Vol. 18 On today’s ‘sode I’m joined by Alex Wolfe and Drew Steele to talk about newly-minted Knicks Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson. What does this THRILLING THREESOME (get your mind out of the gutter!) think of the Knicks’ picks? Listen to find out!
  • 115 days ago
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Kyle O’Quinn discussed his impending free agent after opting out of his current deal

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — The Knicks still have interest in bringing him back, per KOQ. Knicks center Kyle O’Quinn has been mostly quiet since opting out of the final year of his contract last week, but he did speak to a Norfolk, VA, news station last weekend about his upcoming free agency. And fans of the bearded big man can rejoice somewhat, for O’Quinn has yet to rule out a return to the orange and blue. ...
  • 116 days ago
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The Knicks were well represented at Sunday’s NYC Pride Parade

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Michael Beasley, Steve Mills and David Fizdale were there. The annual New York City Pride Parade was held on Sunday, and the NBA had their own float! What’s more, our own New York Knickerbockers were all over said float, as you can see from the Knicks ’ Twitter feed. Coach! #NYCPride https://t.co/ou9gTVce3v — NEW YORK KNICKS (@nyknicks) June 24, 2018 It’s a beautiful day to...
  • 117 days ago
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The Knicks have tendered qualifying offers to Luke Kornet and Isaiah Hicks

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Roster moves! Now that the fun and excitement of draft night has passed, the time has come to get back to the nitty-gritty of roster construction. To that end, the Knicks have done some maneuvering with the 16th and 17th members of their roster: two-way contract players Luke Kornet and Isaiah Hicks . The New York Knicks have tendered Qualifying Offers to both of their two-way...
  • 118 days ago
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Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson introductory press conference recap

Posting and Toasting (Drew Steele) — Cookie-cutting their way through 24 minutes For those who were responsible and actually got work done today during a Friday afternoon, the New York Knicks had a press conference for its two most recent draft picks from the 2018 NBA draft . Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson showed up dapper(ish) with their media security guards in Steve Mills and Scott Perry (can we just start calling...
  • 119 days ago
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2018 NBA Draft Diary

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Dear Diary... “It is the longest day of the year.” That’s how Rece Davis greeted viewers at the start of last night’s NBA Draft. It was a longer day for some people (Michael Porter Jr.; Robert Williams III) than others, including Knick fans like me, for whom draft night is our playoffs. Once Kristaps Porzingis went down with his ACL injury, my focus narrowed to two nights: the lottery...
  • 119 days ago
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Allonzo Trier signed a two-way contract with the Knicks

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — A talented scoring shooting guard with decent size That was quick! Just minutes after the draft ended, we have a Shams-wow: Sources: Undrafted Arizona forward Allonzo Trier has agreed to a two-way contract with the New York Knicks. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 22, 2018 So, who is this Allonzo Trier cat? (Wildcat, to be exact.) Trier played three seasons at Arizona,...
  • 120 days ago
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Reactions from the Knicks selecting Kevin Knox

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — This kid’s got class. The New York Knicks have made their pick at No. 9 overall, and it is Kentucky forward Kevin Knox. Here is our newest, youngest son making a statement on the team’s official Instagram page. Ready to get to work #NewYorkForever (@sapsports) A post shared by New York Knicks (@nyknicks) on Jun 21, 2018 at 6:47pm PDT And here he is...
  • 120 days ago
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The Knicks drafted Mitchell Robinson with the 36th pick

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Welcome, Mitchell! With the 36th pick in the 2018 draft, the New York Knicks selected Mitchell Robinson. Robinson is kind of a mystery man — he committed to Western Kentucky University for his freshman year, but dropped out of school just before the season to instead focus on training for the draft. It was an eyebrow-raiser at the time, and quite frankly kind of unprecedented, considering...
  • 120 days ago
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The Knicks selected Kevin Knox with the 9th pick

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — ¡Bienvenido a la Gran Manzana! Have you heard about the new draft pick? I’m sure you’ll be amazed. Sources: New York is selecting Kevin Knox with the No. 9 pick in NBA draft. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 22, 2018 This Kentucky freshman is one of the youngest players in the draft, Kevin Knox, will join the New York Knicks . The kid is a scorer first and second and should...
  • 120 days ago
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P&T Round(ball) Table: Who should the Knicks pick in the NBA draft?

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — No, Luka Doncic isn’t eligible for this exercise The draft is almost here! Sometime between 7:30-8:00 p.m. today, the Knicks will be drafting either a future cornerstone, a monumental bust, or maybe someone in between. But whom exactly should New York draft? Leave that to your favorite team of Knicks bloggers! In the interest of not making this exercise a 20,000 word behemoth where we all...
  • 120 days ago
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