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Game day preview: Knicks vs. Hawks- 10/17/19

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Just the tip off. The day has finally arrived! Season opener, meet home opener. Home, season. As we embark on a brand new year together, let us rejoice. Basketball back! Knicks back! Tonight’s game is against a team in a similar situation to the Knicks. Atlanta has been trying to get young and athletic and is using the draft to find a star and build out a team. Both teams also have new...
  • 53 days ago
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Knicks 2018-19 Preview: Kristaps Porzingis

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Will the Unicorn rise like a phoenix? Heading into the 2017-18 season, there was one question that prevailed in most Knicks -related discussions after the Carmelo Anthony trade: Is Kristaps Porzingis good enough to be the best player on a winning team? After two seasons playing the Robin to Carmelo’s Batman (and, arguably, regrettably, maybe playing the Jim Gordon to Melo and...
  • 53 days ago
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Knicks 2018-19 Preview: Kevin Knox

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — How will the Knicks’ lotto pick stack up in his rookie season? Sunday afternoon, my fiancee complained about my dish-washing. I knew she was right. I was slammed with work deadlines all day and had raced through the dishes. But I didn’t feel like admitting I was wrong. “You’re too binary about dishes,” I told her. “There’s more to dishes than ‘clean’ and ‘dirty.’” A couple days ago, ...
  • 53 days ago
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Knicks game preview: The first starters, young Hawks and how to watch

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks will open the 2018-19 season against the Atlanta Hawks. A preview of the game, a look at how to watch these teams collide. After almost one month of press conference, practices and preseason games, the New York Knicks will finally take the court for their season opener. It’s against the Atlanta […] Knicks game preview: The first starters, young Hawks and how...
  • 53 days ago
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P&T Round(ball) table: 2018-19 Crystal Ball predictions

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — The P&T staff answers some burning questions about the upcoming season With the season finally here, the Posting and Toasting staff decided to take a look into our mind’s eyes and see if we can predict the future for these strapping young Knicks . We’ll be answering six burning questions today to ring in the new season. Let’s not dilly-dally and get right to it: What will the Knicks’...
  • 53 days ago
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Locked on Knicks, Episode 355: Biggie Season Preview

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — Things done changed On today’s ‘sode I preview the upcoming season through the lens of Notorious BIG’s LEGENDARY debut album, Ready to Die. Listen!
  • 53 days ago
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New York Knicks: Five reasons to love Frank Ntilikina in the starting lineup

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks will have Frank Ntilikina in their opening-night starting lineup, and it’s something for fans to like. Before Wednesday’s season opener against the Atlanta Hawks, the New York Knicks had their starting lineup to publicly confirm. There was no secret on Enes Kanter, Lance Thomas or Tim Hardaway Jr., and Kevin Knox […] New York Knicks: Five reasons to love...
  • 54 days ago
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New York Knicks: Trade options never materialized for Joakim Noah

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — Before the New York Knicks waived and stretched Joakim Noah, an unsuccessful attempt was made to trade him. The New York Knicks removed Joakim Noah from their roster via the waive-and-stretch provision. They failed to reach a buyout agreement since no teams were interested in the veteran center, so New York was forced to take […] New York Knicks: Trade options never materialized for...
  • 54 days ago
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Knicks announce opening night starters

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Basketball is my favorite sport. David Fizdale and his coaching staff have reviewed the tapes, the sheets and all the other deets. What was originally listed as a probable definite became an actual factual as the Knicks announced their opening night starting lineup. In a bit of a surprise, rookie Kevin Knox was left off the list. The other noteworthy revelation is the inclusion of ...
  • 54 days ago
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How Many Wins Will The Knicks Have in the 2018-19 NBA Season?

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — I’ll admit, there is a part of me that just likes to use the fact that Polldaddy allows you to have lots of different poll questions! How many wins will the Knicks have in the 2018-19 NBA season? I am going to go nuts and say 34, as I don’t believe that this team will ever actually tank.
  • 54 days ago
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New York Knicks: Kevin Knox, the bench mob and other lineup takeaways

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The unveiling of the New York Knicks starting lineup offered a few interesting takeaways. A little over 24 hours before the New York Knicks open the 2018-19 season, head coach David Fizdale unveiled the starting lineup. Enes Kanter, Lance Thomas and Tim Hardaway Jr. were not surprises, based on the events of the preseason. Instead, […] New York Knicks: Kevin Knox, the bench mob and...
  • 54 days ago
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Knicks' rookie Knox loses starting spot to Ntilikina

ESPN After evaluating the preseason, Knicks coach David Fizdale said Tuesday that Kevin Knox will come off the bench in Wednesday's opener. Frank Ntilikina will start in place of Knox.
  • 54 days ago
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New York Knicks: The Kevin Durant noise will never simmer

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — Nothing will change on the New York Knicks’ front with Kevin Durant until July, but the future free agent’s chances of leaving the Golden State Warriors remains a topic of conversation. It’s opening night for the NBA. The New York Knicks won’t play until Wednesday night, but all the talk of the 2018 offseason, training […] New York Knicks: The Kevin Durant noise...
  • 54 days ago
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Knicks 2018-19 Preview: Courtney Lee & Lance Thomas

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Rocking steady, veteran presence. These days the Knicks say they are all about youth, athleticism and the position-less buoyancy therein. Courtney Lee and Lance Thomas hold fast as the elder statesmen of this young squad. The last remaining old heads. Born all the way back in the crack-dimension called the 80’s. These two gents supply the coaches with the certainty that a well laid...
  • 54 days ago
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Locked on Knicks, Episode 354: KP’s contract, Fizdale’s midrange apologizin’, and 538’s win projections

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — The Knicks are gonna stink, but in a good way On today’s ‘sode I’m joined by Drew Steele to talk about the cap implications of Noah’s waive-and-stretch, KP’s contractual future, Fizdale’s comments on midrange shots, and 538’s win projections for the upcoming season. Listen!
  • 54 days ago
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