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Reaction To The Knicks' Acquiring Andrea Bargnani From Toronto Raptors

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — It's July 1st, and with free agency underway, the Knicks must have felt as though the proper response to Nets' acquisition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry was to acquire Andrea Bargnani from the Raptors. Not exactly what you would call a blockbuster deal, New York shipped Steve Novak and Marcus Camby (and three future draft picks --- one first and two second rounders) off...
  • 291 days ago
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Knicks' Forward Amar'e Stoudemire Gets Married In Miami

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — In addition to improving his stamina and working out with Hakeem Olajuwon for the second summer in a row, getting married was also on Amar'e Stoudemire's "to-do" list this offseason. The Knicks' star, turned sixth man, turned question mark, celebrated his marriage to Alexis Welch, the mother of his kids, this weekend. The two held a reception in Miami, where a select few stars and a slew of...
  • 292 days ago
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Reaction to the Knicks' Drafting Tim Hardaway Jr.

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Upon the Knicks drafting Tim Hardaway Jr. on Thursday night, not only did many fans have to blink and do a double take at the name, but the jokes regarding the team believing they were instead drafting old-time nemesis (and since retired) Tim Hardaway flowed right in. But alas, New York did draft a young gun after all, opting to bring the son of an old arch-rival aboard. Hardaway Jr. was the...
  • 293 days ago
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Comings and Goings Surrounding the Knickerbockers Closer to Draft Day

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — With the NBA Draft set to take place on Thursday, the Knicks are evaluating and exploring all sorts of different options and possibilities. For teams in The Association, participating in the NBA Draft often becomes about filling specific voids, and/or taking a risk on a rather promising young gun. In the the meantime, let's take a look at some of the latest potential player movement talk...
  • 296 days ago
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Knicks' Free Agent Workouts To Dictate NBA Draft Choice?

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — The NBA Draft is just days away, and with pre-draft workouts seemingly all but finished for the Knicks, the team has shifted gears towards free agent workouts over the past week or so. But that doesn't mean such workouts won't, nevertheless, impact who the Knicks draft this coming Thursday. Recently named Nets' coach Jason Kidd leads a small handful of players who are unlikely to return to...
  • 296 days ago
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Long Island's Own Danny Green Fails to Capture NBA Title in First Attempt

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Danny Green has had an interesting basketball journey so far. After starting off in Long Island, the young gun has made his way to Chapel Hill, Reno, Austin, Slovenia, Cleveland, and San Antonio. Green's success story is quite a remarkable one, from D-League star to NBA Finals stud. His 27 three-point field goals (through game five of The Finals, alone) set an NBA Finals record. The...
  • 300 days ago
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Isiah Thomas Is Still Talking About The Knicks For Some Reason

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — It's peculiar that Isiah Thomas is still talking about Knicks basketball at this point in time. It's even weirder that some people (apparently those who write for publications) care so much to hear his opinion. Thomas has "friends" in the Knicks' organization, from owner James Dolan, to college buddies Glen Grunwald and Mike Woodson. Being friendly on a personal and leisurely level is cool,...
  • 303 days ago
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How Does All the Doc Rivers Speculation Impact the Knicks?

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — The Knicks had a very promising season, largely in part due to the fact that Mike Woodson led his team and helped them achieve a handful of different things that hadn't been achieved in years. An Atlantic Division title, fifty-plus wins, and a playoff series' victory were all among those many things. But even so, when the pressure was on in the postseason, the Knicks were supposed to have...
  • 304 days ago
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Happy Father's Day: New York Knicks Edition

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Happy Father's Day, everyone! Though we're two people with very realistic expectations for the Knicks, about a month and a half ago, my father and I were marveling at the fact that around Father's Day this year, the Knicks could still be playing basketball...potentially competing in a heated NBA Finals matchup. Perhaps we'd be watching. Of course, such a feat is one that wasn't (and perhaps...
  • 306 days ago
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Some Updated Knicks' NBA Draft Links

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Though they only own the 24th overall selection in this month's NBA Draft, Glen Grunwald and the Knicks know anything they can happen. Trades often go down just seconds before a pick, and though a team may not have multiple draft choices, moves can always be made to snag another pick in order to reel in that second or third player that caught an executive's eye during workouts. All of this...
  • 310 days ago
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Knicks' Retired Guard Jason Kidd Gaining Steam as Nets' Head Coaching Candidate

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Fresh off retiring from the NBA as a player, Jason Kidd must've come to the conclusion that he was getting very bored very quickly after just a few days at home. The now former Knicks' guard is wasting no time looking for his next job, gunning for the Nets' vacant head coaching position. There are plenty of things farfetched with such a development. Just weeks after last donning orange and...
  • 311 days ago
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Knicks Exploring Plenty of Possibilities Through NBA Draft Workouts

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — The Knicks have only begun pre-draft workouts, but a wide variety of prospects have already been seen, with an even more diverse group of players set to continuing strolling in as the weeks go on. So far, New York has worked out potential first-round selections, some likely second-rounders, and even a handful that just may fall below the radar (like Norvel Pelle, pictured above), and go...
  • 315 days ago
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Should Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire Be Working Out With Larry Johnson This Summer?

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — After falling short of some very prevalent expectations following a second-round playoff loss to the Indiana Pacers, there's no doubt the Knicks have room for improvement. There are plenty of positions and/or players New York can stand to upgrade, with a handful of voids to be filled. The first order of business will be exploring such improvements via this month's NBA Draft, but from there,...
  • 317 days ago
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Sopranos Star Steve Schirripa Reflects On Promising Season From New York Knicks

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Every Knicks fan in the Big Apple knows Spike Lee's passion. Over the past couple of seasons, fans have also become familiar with media personality Ben Lyons' said ability to live the "real fan life." Those two may often be front and center at The Garden, but who can forget about Steve Schirripa? Star of The Sopranos fame, the actor has also been a staple at "The World's Most Famous Arena"...
  • 318 days ago
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Jason Kidd Finishes Off Career With Knicks As He Retires From NBA

KnicksJournal (noreply@blogger.com (Keith Schlosser)) — Just days after watching his co-Rookie of the Year from 1995, Grant Hill, call it quits, Jason Kidd ultimately decided to do the same. He and the Knicks announced his retirement from the NBA following a Hall of Fame career that spanned over 19 seasons. Following a career that included one NBA championship, five All-NBA teams, 10 all-star appearances, 9 All-NBA Defensive teams, and two...
  • 319 days ago
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