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Late Night ESPN Shumpert Rumors

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — December 15 is NBA trade Christmas, and shortly after midnight ESPN posted a link connecting Shumpert to the Lakers. Let’s break down the “report” starting with the link on ESPN’s NBA page. Sources: Lakers call Knicks about Shumpert Anonymous sources say … Continue reading →
  • 129 days ago
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Knicks Win and Acquire Starting Point Guard

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — Friday night’s loss to the Celtics was frustrating, but the ball movement and spacing on offense was encouraging. The Knicks continued the crisp passing Saturday night leading to plenty of quality shots, and a solid victory over the Eastern Conference’s … Continue reading →
  • 129 days ago
  • Hits: 717

Step Up Your Announcing Game Tommy

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — I’m still recovering from another heat-wrenching loss and some devastating shots from the Fourth Tenor, Vitor Faverani. Wait, you say Vitor is not a singer nor Italian? But, he played in Italy so who cares. True story. The worst part … Continue reading →
  • 130 days ago
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Kyle Lowry Rumors

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — Marc Stein is reporting that the Knicks and Raptors are discussing a Kyle Lowry trade in exchange for Raymond Felton and another player from the Knicks. Steiny Mo stops short of reporting that Iman Shumpert, who has been included in rumors for … Continue reading →
  • 131 days ago
  • Hits: 620

A Magical Trade Revisited

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — The great Masai Ujiri worked his magic again this weekend by dumping Rudy Gay and Rudy Gay’s contract on the Kings. Ujiri has done a masterful job of purging the team of the awful contracts signed or traded for under … Continue reading →
  • 133 days ago
  • Hits: 284

Impact of Redick and Kevin Martin deals on Knicks signing JR Smith

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — The shooting guard market is starting to set. Earlier today, J.J. Redick signed a four-year deal for $27 mil with the Bucks before being shipped to the Clippers in the Eric Bledsoe trade. A few hours ago, Kevin Martin signed … Continue reading →
  • 294 days ago
  • Hits: 337

The Salary Floor: How Dwight Howard and Josh Smith could be Rockets.

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — Yes, this is a Knicks blog, but the team’s offseason “splash” already happened with the pretty disastrous Andrea Bargnani trade. Signing vet minimum guys like Elton Brand could be worse, waiting for JR to determine whether he will get more … Continue reading →
  • 294 days ago
  • Hits: 429

Same Old Knicks?

Knicks Bricks (Three Chainz) — Things have been dark here at Knicks Bricks for a long time, but our temporary shut down coincided with the Knicks brightest season in 13 years. There just wasn’t as much to criticize/complain/tweak, and for whatever reason that makes blogging … Continue reading →
  • 296 days ago
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