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What did Carmelo learn from the Lakers?

ESPN (Ian Begley) — GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Carmelo Anthony liked the Los Angeles Lakers’ pitch to him in free agency so much that he may use some of it this summer with the New York Knicks. “It was a great pitch. I might take that from them, take what they did and start recruiting on my own over here,” Anthony said with a laugh after practice on Saturday. Carmelo and the Knicks entered play...
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The science of sleep: For new dad Jason Smith, it's hard to beat a good night's rest

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- Every day is Father’s Day right now for Jason Smith.The New York Knicks forward and his wife, Kristy Smith, welcomed Ella Rose into the world on Oct. 9. And they’ve enjoyed every moment of parenthood.“It’s been a blessing, really,” Smith said last week.There’s one aspect of caring for a newborn, though, that wasn’t ideal for Smith’s...
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Knicks plan to keep Amundson, Thomas

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks are expected to sign forwards Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas to contracts for the remainder of the season, according to league sources.Both Thomas and Amundson are currently on their second 10-day contracts. Once those contracts expire (Thursday is the last day of Amundson's current deal; Friday is the final day on Thomas' contract), each player will be eligible...
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Are Knicks fans riding with Melo?

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- Back in July, he could have ended up with the Houston Rockets, teaming with James Harden and Dwight Howard to form the NBA’s latest "big three.” Or he could have signed with the Chicago Bulls, adding some star power to a ready-made title contender.Instead, Carmelo Anthony re-signed with the New York Knicks.With the Knicks 28 games under .500 and tied for last place in...
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Leading development in Melo's Knicks role

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks have won four of five, and some people are confused. Are they tanking for a top pick in June’s draft?Are they trying to make a run at the 8th seed in the East? (You can stop laughing now.)We’ll get answers to those questions in the coming weeks and months. For now, a more pertinent question is this: are we watching Carmelo Anthony develop into a...
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Galloway reminds Melo a little of 'Linsanity'

ESPN (Ohm Youngmisuk) — NEW YORK –- In a short amount of time, Langston Galloway has made quite an impression for an undrafted rookie. In fact, Galloway’s confidence and ability to step up in some big moments reminds Carmelo Anthony of another undrafted Knick point guard who created a worldwide stir a few seasons ago. When asked if he has seen another rookie as fearless as Galloway in taking big shots,...
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No more 'late nights' for J.R. in Cleveland

ESPN (Ohm Youngmisuk) — J.R. Smith thinks Cleveland is “the best situation” for him and it’s not just because LeBron James is there.The way Smith sees it, the shooter might be able to find more consistency in his game in a city like Cleveland where there isn’t as much of a nightlife as New York City.J.R. Smith#5 SGCleveland Cavaliers2015 STATSGM24PPG12.1RPG2.7APG3.0FG%.402FT%.692In a...
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Fisher's big challenge? Motivating players

ESPN (Ian Begley) — The biggest challenge of Derek Fisher's young coaching career might surprise you.It has nothing to do with all the New York Knicks' losses or the unfulfilled expectations. It's about getting his players "excited to play the game.""Probably what jumps out the most is you still have to work pretty hard to motivate and inspire guys at this level," Fisher said late last week. "[For] a guy who came...
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Tanks for nothin': Knicks wins hurt lottery chances

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- Langston Galloway gathered the ball in the deepest corner of the court with two seconds left on the shot clock late Wednesday night. With the Knicks up by four in a game they were desperate to win, Galloway squared up and knocked down a seemingly impossible 25-foot fadeaway over 6-8 forward Jerami Grant. The shot, which sealed the Knicks’ first winning streak in nearly three...
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Knicks get up-close look at Duke's Okafor

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- It wasn't exactly a recruiting pitch, more of a casual greeting. Jahlil Okafor was walking through a back hallway in the bowels of Madison Square Garden on Sunday when he passed Carmelo Anthony and Cleanthony Early. Anthony briefly greeted Okafor -- and a few other Duke players -- as they crossed paths. For a moment, Okafor appeared star struck. "I'm still 19 years old and Carmelo...
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A year ago today, Carmelo scored 62 points

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- His Knicks team has the worst record in the Eastern Conference, an unimaginable 28 games below .500. And they needed to win three straight games just to get to that mark. So, no, this probably isn’t the way Carmelo Anthony expected to spend the one-year anniversary of one of the best games of his career. Twelve months ago to the day, Carmelo scored a franchise-record 62...
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Barkley balks at Melo as All-Star starter

ESPN (Ian Begley) — New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was voted in as a starter on the Eastern Conference All-Star team. In a development that will surprise no one, Charles Barkley has a problem with that. Barkley, a noted Knicks agitator, said on Thursday night that Anthony doesn't deserve to start the All-Star Game because the Knicks have struggled so mightily this season. New York (7-36) has the worst...
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Melo: J.R. playing with "clarity" for Cavs

ESPN (Ian Begley) — PHILADELPHIA -- It’s a small sample size, but so far, J.R. Smith looks like a new man since leaving the Knicks. Taking his 0-for-5 debut out of the equation, Smith’s per-game scoring (plus-6.1 percent) and 3-point field goal percentage (plus-7 percent) have increased since he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. “He’s playing well,” Carmelo Anthony said...
  • 10 days ago
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Tanking? Fisher just focused on Sixers

ESPN (Ian Begley) — GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Anyone who pays attention to the NBA assumes that the New York Knicks are tanking. Just don't ask Derek Fisher to talk about it."You're asking the wrong person about that," Fisher politely said after practice on Tuesday. "Maybe if you talk to [Knicks president Phil Jackson or GM Steve Mills] you can ask them. But there's no interest in thinking about which pick we might get...
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Carmelo to Knicks fans: 'It gets better'

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks' win over New Orleans probably won't change anything about the trajectory of this season. New York is still on pace to lose 70 games. The club still hopes to land a top lottery pick in the NBA Draft. But, for one night at least, the Knicks could take a break from all of the misery that comes with taking in the NBA. "It feels good to come in this locker room with...
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