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For Derek Fisher, Knicks’ New Coach, a Rivalry Resumes

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Fisher was opposed by Jason Kidd in a preseason game against the Bucks, and perhaps there was a bit of symbolism as two former point guards went about the business of coaching their new teams.
  • 12 hr 2 min ago
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Jim Cleamons Tries Again With a New Generation of Knicks

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — Cleamons, a current assistant and former Knicks player, has ties to Phil Jackson, the team president, and an awkward history with Walt Frazier, the TV analyst.
  • 5 days ago
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Back at the Garden, a Different Knicks Team Is in Search of Chemistry

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks lost an exhibition game to the Raptors, but Coach Derek Fisher said wins and losses were not the focus of the preseason.
  • 7 days ago
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Knicks Preview Triangle, and Rerun Defensive Lapses

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks and their new coach, Derek Fisher, opened their preseason Wednesday with a 20-point loss to the Celtics in Hartford.
  • 12 days ago
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The Knicks Seek Order on the Court

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — With a new coach and a new system, the Knicks trained at West Point during the first week of preseason practice in an attempt to pick up some positive attributes by osmosis.
  • 16 days ago
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Steady Point for Knicks After a Restless Summer

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Jose Calderon, acquired in a multiplayer deal with Dallas, is preparing for his new role by studying the team’s triangle offense.
  • 19 days ago
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New System and Season Bring Carmelo Anthony and Knicks Fresh Perspective

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — As the Knicks prepared to begin training camp Tuesday at West Point, Carmelo Anthony addressed the news media with a renewed sense of optimism.
  • 21 days ago
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Phil Jackson, the Maverick Inside the Knicks

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — At 69, Jackson is a rookie front office guy, unquestionably a power hire yet a member of the Knicks owner James L. Dolan’s team, with all that suggests and ultimately will mean.
  • 23 days ago
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To Old Sound of Squeaking Sneakers, Knicks Preview a New Look

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks are about to draw the curtain on a new system, a new coach, new goals and a new perspective.
  • 24 days ago
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James L. Dolan Steps Away From Knicks and Onto the Stage

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — James L. Dolan says he is spending less time on the Knicks and more time with his blues band, perhaps a sign that he really will give Phil Jackson a wide berth to run the team.
  • 38 days ago
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Stephon Marbury the Musical: A Tale of Making It in Beijing

NY Times (BECKY DAVIS) — The mutual love affair between the former N.B.A. player and his adopted home of Beijing will reach a new milestone this fall when “I Am Stephon Marbury,” a musical about his life in China, opens in the capital.
  • 54 days ago
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From Metta World Peace to 'The Pandas Friend'

NY Times (AMY QIN) — Metta World Peace, the American basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, is changing his name once again as he joins the Sichuan Blue Whales.
  • 71 days ago
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Beyond Looking Out for No. 1, Always Putting the Team First

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — There is a clear distinction between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony in how they have balanced the art of playing a team sport with the equally tricky but more desensitized business of professional basketball.
  • 98 days ago
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With Return of Anthony, Knicks Quietly Edge Ahead

NY Times (MICHAEL POWELL) — Retaining Carmelo Anthony represents a down payment on the present, while leaving the door ajar to a brighter future a year from now.
  • 99 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony Announces He Will Re-Sign With the Knicks

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — With a 173-word statement on his website, Anthony smothered any remaining uncertainty about his plans and cemented his position as one of the team’s leaders in the years ahead.
  • 99 days ago
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