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Popper's NBA Insider: A few bubbles have burst

Newsday Clippers, Bucks and possibly the Celtics have fallen short of expectations in the NBA playoffs.
  • 41 days ago
  • Hits: 303

Chris Paul? For Knicks? Why not?

Newsday It could make a lot of sense.
  • 48 days ago
  • Hits: 475

Steve Nash and Kevin Durant's strong bond a main factor why he's new coach of Nets

Newsday The former point guard was also a player consultant for the Warriors, and he seems to get the sometimes difficult-to-get KD. 
  • 56 days ago
  • Hits: 283

NBA players wonder what effect their social justice message is having

Newsday The question for the players now after a historic work stoppage was simple: Had they accomplished anything? 
  • 62 days ago
  • Hits: 237

NBA mock draft 2.0: Post-lottery edition

Newsday With the NBA Draft Lottery done and the order set, the annual Knicks disappointment set in, it's time for our Mock Draft, Version 2.
  • 70 days ago
  • Hits: 917

What will the Knicks do with the No. 8 NBA Draft pick?

Newsday The Knicks find themselves in a place where they could pick up the best player in the draft.
  • 70 days ago
  • Hits: 566

Knicks hoping for change of luck in NBA Draft Lottery

Newsday Since winning the first Draft Lottery in 1985 and picking Patrick Ewing, the Knicks were 0-for-16 in repeating their good fortune heading into Thursday night.
  • 71 days ago
  • Hits: 149

What are the Knicks' chances of getting the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery?

Newsday Draft lottery is set for Thursday night; Knicks also can begin voluntary workouts next month.
  • 72 days ago
  • Hits: 178

Jazz assistant Johnnie Bryant to be Knicks associate head coach, source says

Newsday Bryant will remain with Utah until after the playoffs before joining the Knicks.
  • 73 days ago
  • Hits: 149

Odds for winning the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery

Newsday What are the Knicks' chances of winning this year's NBA lottery?
  • 74 days ago
  • Hits: 197

John Calipari says Kenny Payne will give Tom Thibodeau a big assist

Newsday The Kentucky coach said Payne will help in the development of Julius Randle and Kevin Knox, two players he recruited to play for the Wildcats.
  • 79 days ago
  • Hits: 163

Knicks hire Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne for Tom Thibodeau's coaching staff

Newsday The former NBA player worked under John Calipari at Kentucky from 2010-20, serving as the lead recruiter.
  • 80 days ago
  • Hits: 140

Steve Popper's awards, highlights and lowlights from a strange NBA season

Newsday As the NBA has managed to safely resume the season in a bubble, closing in on the final days of the regular season in the coming week — minus eight teams that were left out — it's worth looking back on the season that was.
  • 84 days ago
  • Hits: 122

NBA minicamp for non-bubble teams hits snag, source says

Newsday While there has been some talk about a second bubble for the eight teams to stage an exhibition schedule, some teams have little interest.
  • 87 days ago
  • Hits: 177

With allies in front office, Tom Thibodeau can focus on Knicks roster

Newsday "I've known them for over two decades," Thibodeau said of Leon Rose and William Wesley. "They've been involved in just about every major decision that I've made.
  • 90 days ago
  • Hits: 253

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