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Kwame Brown article
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4/21/2002  12:19 PM
interesting article on Kwame...

Growing Pains
Kwame Brown's Unsentimental Education
By Sally Jenkins

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4/21/2002  3:44 PM
Growing pains is right. We'll have to check on this, but i'm sure he's probably had the least productive rookie year of any #1 pick in league history.
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4/21/2002  4:54 PM
That's because him team was in the playoff race for a large part of the year. If you look @ the top five of last year, I don't remember exactly, but I think it was Brown, Chandler, Gasol, Curry, and Richardson. None of those guys teams besides Brown were ever in playoff contention. The Bulls, Grizz, and Warriors were always getting guys in for garbage time whereas if Brown went in and messed up it could've cost the game and maybe a spot in the playoffs. That's a big reason why he didn't do a whole lot.
Kwame Brown article

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