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3/24/2002  1:16 PM
I remember awhile back we were discussing a few new things requiring the forums. Possibly something at the bottom of the main page saying who's in the forums, or something at the top saying how many members we have, or a scale based on how many posts you've made(i.e. 0-100 Frederic Weis, 101-500 Lavor Postell, 501-999 Howard Eisely, etc...) Are these things still possibilities for the forums? They would be really cool.
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3/24/2002  2:47 PM
I'm working on polls first and then who's in the forums. I'll have them out pretty soon.
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3/24/2002  3:50 PM
Also, other updates I've found while checking out this great site (it truly is great):
-on the main page of the forums, it says Ultimate Knicks 2001 instead of 2002.
-The NY Knicks forum description is kinda off, it says:
Let's talk Pure Knicks Love: players, games, trades, Jeff Van Gundy's civic. Anything Knicks related.
Maybe take off JVG civic and put in Cheaney or Layden's civic.

Do I care if these changes are made? Nope. I'm just trying to help, :-)
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4/15/2002  7:28 AM
Posted by martin:

I'm working on polls first and then who's in the forums. I'll have them out pretty soon.
Sounds good.
We suck.
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