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Trade Rumor: Rice for Shandon Anderson
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8/10/2001  4:53 PM
This is a setup trade this allows us to get another SF and PG. I think the Knicks are goin for a blockbuster trade next. I think we will get Rasheed Wallace in a 3 or 4 team trade. Look for Sprewell and Thomas and other to be dealt. Knicks are going to be a run and gun team like Milwalkee.

What makes you think this?
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8/10/2001  5:07 PM
Although I wouldn't mind seeing this trade happen, I'm not so sure it will. As the NY Post said, there are potential roadblocks, Rice passing a physical and the Dolans approving the contracts. It just seems these talks between teams and trade rumors the media comes up with never seem to pan out for one reason or another.
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8/10/2001  5:10 PM
I think the issues in contention is whether the Eisley and the rest are more talented than Ward and Rice. I think one of the posts was more accurate in getting to the problem, which is not necessarily who is better, but who fits in better. That is Rice's big problem. He wants to start and get more shots, not a possibililty on the team.
I'm also having a hard time digesting all this talk because throughout the summer the NY Post has tugged on our hearts to make up believe that Knicks are getting Davis, Webber, and a host of other players. And throughout the summer, I've been disappointed. I think I'm waiting for the deal to happen before I even think about if it is good or not. On a personal level though, I believed in the Childs and Ward combo and thought Knicks should have kept Childs and keep Ward. I've never been a fan of Rice so it's not a big loss.
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8/10/2001  8:32 PM
Well I'm pleased with the deal. Anderson is a very good defender, Foyle is a great shotblocker, and he'll benefit from the new rules. Eisley does have a big contract but like someone else pointed out the Knicks are team that will spend money on their players, so they shouldn't be worried about going under the cap.

Now Foyle-Ward has still not been reported yet, and a straight-up trade of the two will not work under the salary cap so maybe they're still discussing it.
Trade Rumor: Rice for Shandon Anderson

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