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Anthony Mason to Bucks / Philly
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8/9/2001  4:12 PM
If Anthony Mason goes to either the Bucks or Philly, especially Philly, how hard would those teams be to beat? I can't see Riley sending Mason to either of those teams as they are the Heat's competition!

The Knicks would be in trouble if Mason went to either the Bucks or Philly, what do you guys think?
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8/9/2001  4:22 PM
I wouldn't like Mase going to either team. I don't think Miami would like to help other teasm in the East either, but if it provides them with a solid point guard they just might do it. Makes more sense for him to go to Philly with Snow going to Miami in return. That would open up more playing time for Speedy Claxton and fill the hole left by Tyrone Hill.
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8/9/2001  4:33 PM
I'm just praying he doesn't go to either of those teams. As of right now i feel we can beat both teams, but if they get Mason for cheap it probably won't stay that way. I'm surprised Layden hasn't made a push for him, but then again i'm not. I'm sure they'd entertain a Rice/Mason deal, especially with the departure of Bruce Bowen and the hole at small forward. It would also liven up the Knicks/Heat rivalry. We may be able to get him for even cheaper. With them in desprite need of a point guard, we could send Harrington and Ward for Mason then sign Strickland with the medical exception. Just a few ideas.
Anthony Mason to Bucks / Philly

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