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Knicks Appreciation
Author Thread
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4/12/2024  11:19 PM
With as much time as OG & Mitch missed, plus losing Randle for the season, who would have thought a 50-win season was still possible? Incredible team, getting every ounce they can from the next men up and mostly solid coaching. Let's finish up strong and take it to whoever steps up to the Mecca. LGK 4ever!
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4/13/2024  3:45 AM

It’s not just Thibs or JB or deuce……The entire Knicks organization starting from the owner and work your way down. Yes Thibs gets the credit for setting the culture. JB has stepped up like a superstar on this culture (before the “nova-take-ova” And the roll players has grabbed onto Thibs culture and blossomed like a true GARDEN (pun intended) gotta love it.

So many flowers to give out. A Knicks appreciation thread is well over due. A 50 burger without Randle, who been part of the culture setting years when nobody took us serious yet Randle was always a consistent professional who wore his emotions on his sleeve. Most killed him for his lack of control (including me). But he gets his flowers too for being that leader everybody followed on and off the court.

Can’t say enough about Dolan who finally got out of his own way and hired the right person to drive this ship in Léon Rose. I have total confidence in him to make all the right moves going forward.

Congrats to the Knicks organization and Knicks fans who stuck with this team from the lows and now the highs.

Let’s keep this Thibs culture and nova boys momentum as long as we can. I hope we don’t have to break them up just to add a superstar like D.Mitchell

Excellent season and great ride into the playoffs.

Born in Brooklyn, Raised in Queens, Lives in Maryland. The future is bright, I'm a Knicks fan for life!
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4/13/2024  8:25 AM    LAST EDITED: 4/13/2024  8:49 AM
So enjoyable. Better than the 54 win season as we don’t have 5 dudes retiring as they crawled to the finish line and into the playoffs.

Personally I don’t have great expectations with this team given Randle is out and at his best our second best player. I will be a dick and say when your best player is small…maybe one has to respect that to some degree regarding championship aspirations. THats not to say Brunson won’t score a lot of points and make it fun. I hope for nothing that he smashes that ceiling and is the playoffs MVP!!!!!
Incredible how close so many teams were in both conferencess. My goodness, there are three teams with identical records: OKC, DEN, and Minn all vying for 1st place!!!Thats crazy.
As for who and where we play I respect this parity thing and perhaps matchups might not go our way.
I can see us getting bounced in the first round just as much as I can see us making it all the way to the finals!
THats why its fun for me. I have tempered expectations.

Does this detract from the fun this season? No. Its been great. The intrigue of the big trade for OG, the loss of RJ and IQ but Leon and Co. really did the team good by getting JB and perhaps Randle the right players and Thibs installed more ball movement to execute. 15-2 January was the high bar for what can be done. Randle was a big part of it. WE went from an ISO centric team to one that moves the ball and iHart is a part of it. A passing center on the roster emerged. No trades. He was right here all the time! How fun, like finding money in a coat pocket!
But…maybe it was all about OG who unlocked the DDV/Deuce ascension? My goodness OG has been an incredible element to this team.

Negative knick bias? We earned that reputation over many years. We are earning respect on the court which is the only place that matters.

Instead of celebrating the starphuch we celebrate results.

Kudos to the faithful that stuck thru thick and thin!!!! There is room on the bandwagon for new knick fans to enjoy this new era. All are welcome!!

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4/13/2024  11:32 AM    LAST EDITED: 4/13/2024  11:33 AM
blkexec wrote:Exactly

It’s not just Thibs or JB or deuce……The entire Knicks organization starting from the owner and work your way down.

hahaha classic blkexec

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4/13/2024  12:08 PM
I agree, a reasonable Knicks fan should have tempered expectations, this season is already a big success. It can all come down to match-ups, who's hot or not, and injuries. This is the most fun, from exhilarating to frustrating season in a LONG time for me. But, that usually stems from having a solid to a very good team with positive expectations and I'll take that any year.

Please don't gut this team for the wrong guy. Randle and picks, even if we lose Deuce, should be enough. Get the right guy, I'm not sure Villanova Mikal is the answer, we need more of a Sabonis or Markkanen type. Wouldn't the other Bridges cost a lot less in assets for similar production, yet with some drama? I fear the KAT move with Minn looking to shed salary with new ownership. Other than his price tag, I'd be ok with that move. I don't think he is that dog though. I'd still take a chance on Zion.

Tyus off the bench would be great or even CP3 on a vet min. Grayson I think is a UFA. But, this is all about this year right now, let's get it done.

I think JB can be the MVP of a chip even with a superstar on the team. He is a well-rounded d NY dog. LGK!

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4/13/2024  9:12 PM
This version of the Knicks is amazing. Clamps on defense. Motion offense. They are literally running other teams into the ground. Then grinding them down. Randle probably will need to cut more weight and do more cardio to run with this team.
This is the Randle.
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4/13/2024  10:09 PM
How awesome has it been to see the Knicks come out of halftime and really turn the screws on another team? Continuity is probably the most overlooked attribute to success, OG coming in and playing lights out not withstanding.

It was tough to see our homegrown players all go. Lots of the hype since Leon took over was centered around Obi, RJ, IQ, and Grimes. Mitchell Robinson and Deuce are the only draft picks to still be on the team. But kudos to the front office for trading them for guys who are better fits.

One thing that's really stood out about this team is their ability to beat the teams they should. Particularly during the Melo years, the Knicks had a tendency to play to the level of their competition, often following marquee wins with a loss to a bottom feeder. Against Brooklyn, Charlotte, Memphis, Toronto, Houston, Detroit, Utah, San Antonio, and Washington the Knicks went 21-3 (aka vs. lottery teams). That's something to celebrate.

Of course the flip side is going .500 vs playoff and play- in teams, meaning Nalod is right that we should temper our expectations. One thing for sure is that the Knicks don't give up and will put on a fight for 48 minutes.

The Knicks starting five of Brunson DDV OG Hart and Hart all leveled up this season. I can't wait for the playoffs to start.

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