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Should we talk about OG Anunoavailability?
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4/10/2024  4:02 PM
VDesai wrote:Man no Grimes in your Pistons core? That hurts

Or Malachi...jeez....

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4/12/2024  2:18 PM

The OBJ edit was nice.
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5/3/2024  12:52 PM
Also worth a bump I think - OG has looked good. That surgery was a good move it seems.
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5/3/2024  3:54 PM
That dunk!!!! My goodness. The power. The glory.
The dude just gets it done.
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5/3/2024  3:58 PM
Are we ready to close this thread as blasphemous, inflammatory, anti-thetical and destructive to the general sensitivities of young readers? OG Anuno Anonu Anot gonna post in this thread anymore...
This is the Randle.
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5/3/2024  4:26 PM
Go back and read the first post - this thread was not an anti - OG thread! It was more about the conundrum of his continued injury woes relative to his FA contract. I love AnunoregardforEmbiidssafety!

Don't persecute me for my excellent puns!

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5/3/2024  5:16 PM
15/7 on good shooting in 42 minutes while prolly being the best defender on the floor.

We get smoked in this series without this guy

"winning is more fun... then fun is fun" -Thibs
Should we talk about OG Anunoavailability?

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