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One-on-One Contest
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2/3/2002  4:59 PM
If there was a one-on-one contest, which of the following matchups would you want to see?
Game 1: Ray Allen vs. Predrag Stojackovic (Two best shooters in NBA)
Game 2: Chris Webber vs. Tim Duncan (Two best power forwards)
Game 3: Allen Iverson vs. Gary Payton (Best Offensive vs. Best Defensive Guards)
Game 4: Paul Pierce vs. Dirk Nowitzki (Two best small forwards/If you believe Garnett is a power forward, you can insert him here, I'm not really sure who he should matchup against.)
Game 5: Kevin Garnett vs. Shaq
Game 6: Tracy McGrady vs. Vince Carter (Best scoring guards in NBA and they are cousins)
Main Event: Kobe vs. MJ (Most marketable NBA players. Past vs. Future.)
One-on-One Contest

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