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OT: Favorite New York City men's clothing shops
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2/15/2022  11:01 PM
Hi all,

Wanted to start a thread on clothing, more specifically, men's clothing shops that have a physical presence in New York. I'll kick it off with my favorites:
(1) Aime Leon Dore - they've got a store on Mulberry St. in NY. They make really great basics that are made in Canada. Here's a good article about their store: https://www.vogue.com/article/aime-leon-dore-new-york-store

(2) John Elliott - they've got a store on Lafayette St. in NY. Their specialty is denim. It's all made start to finish in Japan, with really interesting washes. Here's more information about the brand: https://theeasystreet.co/designers/john-elliott

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2/28/2022  7:57 AM
Filson is my favorite historic American brand - they have a couple of NYC shops.. I believe the one I went to was near NYU
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OT: Favorite New York City men's clothing shops

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