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Such fun when Marbles speaks……….
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10/15/2021  10:56 AM    LAST EDITED: 10/15/2021  10:58 AM

Irving is currently unable to participate in practices or games with the Brooklyn Nets as he remains unvaccinated. Marbury, who grew up in Brooklyn and played for both the Knicks and Nets, commented on Irving’s IG Live last night, telling the star guard that “[Muhammad] Ali would be proud” of him.

Of course, that sentiment has earned Marbury some blowback, with people arguing that the sacrifices Ali made and the anti-war, anti-imperialist messages he preached don’t compare to what Irving is doing.

Furthermore, Ali was actually a proponent of vaccines, and cut a promotional video for the New York Department of Health in 1978 advocating for children to get inoculated.

LIke Marbury, I believe Kyrie’s heart is in the right place. Both are arrogantly stubborn but void of humility to bend or admit they are wrong. I’ll let Marv take a professional stab at this.

I think I read that Marbury said “Irving brings vaccinated and unvaccinated people together”.
Nalod believes it to be the opposite. MAGA suck ups will if not already jump on Kyries band wagon. They love to find an african american whose choices align with their agenda which is often devisive even if the intent is different. Validating.

Nalod is Vaxxed and admittingly bias. I do understand and perhaps respect a few who choose not to participate but they have to sequester themselvees as they are a danger to others. If not its like they are benefiting from others.
Irving defends his stance becuase its his to choose. He wants to stand up for those who also don’t want to be vaxed and lose their jobs. He is wealthy and has choices. For others they need to work and by doing so endangers others if not vax’d. For this I don’t buy his position.

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Such fun when Marbles speaks……….

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