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dont mind me.......
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1/20/2002  1:17 AM

With the knicks if they dont make the playoffs....oh well....heres my fav quote "Whatever is meant to be is meant to be"
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12/29/2008  11:00 PM
Okay. Two posts in six years. Wow.
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12/30/2008  12:31 AM
That's efficiency at its finest.
"If I see these refs in front of me I will F* kill them. F** them! If I see their daughters in front of me, I am going to F** them, F** them in the mouth, from the front and the back. I will F** their mothers too." - Darko Milicic
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12/30/2008  2:45 AM
he's shy.
After 7 years & 40K+ posts, banned by martin for calling Nalod a 'moron'. Awesome.
dont mind me.......

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