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One of our brothers has passed away, RIP CrushAlot
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8/3/2020  9:46 AM
RIP, sad news. Maybe we can retire his username, have a UK "rafters" ceremony or something.
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8/3/2020  10:42 AM
wow..jesus, didn't really notice he hasn't posted in a while..sad sad sad..
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8/3/2020  3:38 PM
I am sorry to hear of Crushalot's passing. I remember him as being fairly active for awhile. A true UltimateKnick poster. My sympathy goes out to his family for their loss.
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8/3/2020  3:42 PM
stanleybostitch wrote:RIP, sad news. Maybe we can retire his username, have a UK "rafters" ceremony or something.

I like that idea a lot.

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8/3/2020  6:06 PM
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8/3/2020  7:15 PM
Such sad news. I hope his family is ok. Judging by his posting style he was a great guy. My thoughts go out to his family
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8/4/2020  6:28 AM
Sad to hear this. His handle always stood out to me.
Wish his family well.
Rest in Peace
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8/4/2020  9:47 AM
So sorry to hear this.
Prayers go out to his family.
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8/4/2020  1:26 PM
****! That's awful - I am truly sorry to hear this! Always looked forward to reading his posts, never saw him act anything less than civil on this board.

RIP Crush! It's amazing the impression you can make on complete strangers online. F*ck 2020...

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8/4/2020  9:34 PM
RIP Crush. Sad to see any of us go. I wonder how many forums are filled with so many long timers, and how many have shared ups and downs like us.
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8/5/2020  4:30 AM
RIP Crush!!! My condolences to his family!!! These are devastating times!!!
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8/5/2020  10:11 AM
RIP to Crush
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8/5/2020  9:55 PM
fwk00 wrote:
stanleybostitch wrote:RIP, sad news. Maybe we can retire his username, have a UK "rafters" ceremony or something.

I like that idea a lot.

I like this idea too. Maybe his name can be permanently placed in the Active Users section (members on site)

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8/6/2020  7:24 AM
Sad to hear he passed away, RIP - Martin thank you for sharing.

I hope everyone on this board is making it through the pandemic healthy and financially stable. It has been quite a year.

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8/7/2020  10:01 AM
oh man. thats a shame. i remembered him replying on threads ands his posts being enjoyable. rip, crush.
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8/7/2020  11:58 AM
It's all fun and games to argue and disagree, until someone dies. RIP Crush
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8/8/2020  10:12 AM
RIP Crush
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8/8/2020  12:13 PM
My deepest condolence to his loved ones.
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8/10/2020  8:00 AM
just seeing this now - sorry to hear this- he was a great guy. prayers to his family. Peace.
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8/10/2020  2:49 PM
martin wrote:Husband, father, teacher, Knicks fan, gentleman’s voice amongst us all.

I had the chance to meet Jason and sons at a preseason Knicks game in Syracuse in 2015, he was from the greater Rochester, NY area where Andrew and I also reside. We had long talked about getting together with Crush to enjoy some beer and watching a game.

Jason's wife passes along that he would have been so happy the Knicks got Thibs.

Rest well my brother, you have been here since the beginning and your voice and passion and friendship will be missed.

very very sorry to hear about this news CrushAlot,

I have not had opportunity to be here as much & as in the past. Always appreciate the forum insight views, agreements
and debates. CrushAlot was gent whom brought it to the table, positively.

My condolences, prayers to his entire family and peers... though didn't know him personally
May he RIP with our good Lord mercies , love and gratefullness to our earthlings here in difficult crisis pandemic Era.
Let the kingdowm of God and his new home eternally be his restful place. Forum board continue on with love of our Knicks
as he did in the spirit remembrance of CrushAlot...

This we pray 🛐
in christ name

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One of our brothers has passed away, RIP CrushAlot

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