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One of our brothers has passed away, RIP CrushAlot
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8/1/2020  8:09 PM
Husband, father, teacher, Knicks fan, gentleman’s voice amongst us all.

I had the chance to meet Jason and sons at a preseason Knicks game in Syracuse in 2015, he was from the greater Rochester, NY area where Andrew and I also reside. We had long talked about getting together with Crush to enjoy some beer and watching a game.

Jason's wife passes along that he would have been so happy the Knicks got Thibs.

Rest well my brother, you have been here since the beginning and your voice and passion and friendship will be missed.

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8/1/2020  9:11 PM    LAST EDITED: 8/1/2020  10:17 PM
Thank you for passing it along. Sad we don’t know more than our “Knicknames” and basic stuff other than our opinions.
Glad you got know him!
May his memory be a blessing to him and his families.
And may he Rest In Peace until we fulfill another championship!
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8/1/2020  9:45 PM
Bless his soul and his loved ones. Trust he will have a good seat for the coming Knicks resurgence.
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8/1/2020  9:47 PM
Very sad to hear. He had a great presence as a consistent poster for so many years and will be truly missed.
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8/1/2020  10:46 PM
This is such terrible news
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8/1/2020  11:14 PM
So sorry to read this. My stomach sank when I read the title. I had been wondering why he hasn't posted in a while. Rest in power to our fellow poster and my fellow teacher!!
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8/2/2020  3:03 AM    LAST EDITED: 8/2/2020  4:31 AM
Ack, that's really sad. I always think we're all going to be lamenting/talking about the Knicks on here forever, so it's always a real shock to me when real life intrudes. I'll miss his presence on these boards and everything he shared. Thinking about his wife and kids too
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8/2/2020  4:45 AM
So sorry for the loss of our brother, may he R.I.P.
Prayers of comfort to his family.
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8/2/2020  8:06 AM
Oh no. That’s so sad. I am so sorry to hear that. I will pray for his family. RIP Crush. We will miss you.
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8/2/2020  11:21 AM
Great loss...My heart and prayers go out to his family...his presence will definitely be missed. Please keep up us to date with anything the forum community can do to help.
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8/2/2020  11:35 AM
Terrible news. My Condolences to Crush's family.

Was wondering about Jason's time off from the board.

As a Teacher, he touched many lives. Helped kids on their road to adulthood. A life tragically cut short, but very well spent.

Rest in Peace CrushAlot

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8/2/2020  12:11 PM
Omg. I was scared of things like this— what a great poster and gentleman. Always got along with everyone. There’s no way that he was that old of a man— so even worse. We’ve all been here a long time— when I left I felt like part of my family kicked me out of the house. But I loved it so much in case in point guys like crushalot that I kept on it to get back. What a real travesty abd I pray for his friends and family. No way UK ever the same. Rip brother
RIP Crushalot😞
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8/2/2020  1:44 PM
I have never met you but I feel like I know you. Heaven is much better with you in it. RIP my UK Brother.
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8/2/2020  7:45 PM
Rest in Power....Crush...

Condolences and prayers to his family....

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8/2/2020  9:15 PM
RIP Crush. I hope you're in a better place... with better basketball...
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8/2/2020  10:08 PM
We'll dedicate a championship to you... one of these decades...
“That was two, two from the heart.” - John Starks
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8/2/2020  11:04 PM
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8/2/2020  11:59 PM
Sending much love to him and his family. His insights, opinions, and overall love for the Knicks will always be appreciated.
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8/3/2020  8:22 AM
RIP. Really sad news. Class act
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8/3/2020  9:26 AM
wow this is terrible... I remember him being a teacher and still working. The world lost a good one. This guy set the gold standard for how to conduct yourself with words. What a class act.
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One of our brothers has passed away, RIP CrushAlot

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