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AD traded to Lakers
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6/17/2019  11:26 AM
smackeddog wrote:Holy crap, those pick details for the Lakers are HORRIFIC:

future picks going to the Pelicans include a 2021 pick that will go to New Orleans if it is in the top eight in that year's draft -- and will become an unprotected pick in 2022 if it isn't -- sources told ESPN's Tim Bontemps.

In addition, the deal includes a pick swap in 2023, which is unprotected, as well as an unprotected first-round pick in 2024 that the Pelicans will have the right to defer until 2025, sources told Bontemps.

So basically an unprotected first in 2022, an unprotected 1st in 2023 (via swap) and an unprotected pick in 2024 which can be changed to 2025 if the Pels want to. In this new draft system, not protecting your first's is madness.

Yeah its brutal. Just imagine how bad it would be if we made the deal. the Pelicans would control our picks for a solid decade probably lol
AD traded to Lakers

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