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How far are you willing to go this offseason?
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5/17/2019  12:59 PM
For those questioning if we should give up Mitch - please consider this. Has he not shown enough for a first year player on a lousy/chaotic roster to warrant seeing what he could become after a few years? Especially since he's barely been coached (no college) and fills a position at the lowest possible price? Then think about chemistry - AD is going to need his touches to maintain something close to his 25+ per game, alongside KD and Kyrie (also scoring more then 20-25+ per game)? Next up is the bench and our future picks - with AD we have very little left. Without AD we have a whole bunch of security in case things don't work as planned (eg injuries, bad fit)... It's the process that you stick to and not the player
How far are you willing to go this offseason?

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