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A small silver lining in not getting #1
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5/15/2019  6:35 PM
Obviously we wanted #1 so this isn't meant to compensate for it, but this frees up 2 mil in cap space this year in additional to the space needed for 2 max free agents. Trier would have to be renounced (unless we move Frank for a 2nd round pick or something) but otherwise the extra 2 mil allows us to maintain the cap hold on Vonleh and go over the cap to resign him. Vonleh is a nice piece to keep if we can. Still only 23 years old and can play both PF/C. He is an improving 3pt shooter and versatile defender. He sort of helps walk the line of young, developing player and also impactful rotation player too.

Leaves us with: Barrett, Knox, Mitch, Dotson, Vonleh's cap hold, Dennis Smith, Ntilikina, 2 max slots, and the mini-MLE worth 2 years/9 mil total. Smith or Ntilikina can easily be moved to open additionally cap space, worth about 4.5 mil in space each. Perry would need to convince 2 quality vets to come here. 1 with the mini-MLE and the other with the space created moving Ntilikina or Smith. Or it cane be used to bring back Trier.

A small silver lining in not getting #1

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