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Julius Randle
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5/15/2019  11:22 AM
I know all the talk is gonna be about KD and Kyrie, but thats obvious so wanted to talk about another player just for discussion.

With Zion in the mix. Julius Randle will bolt for a new scene.

Randle improved last season and has unique all around skills that he is still developing. He rebounds like a monster, can pass, improved his 3 point stroke, gets buckets quickly . Knicks have need at PF, he is 24 and will command less than max. He had a 45pt 11reb 6ast 2stl 3blks 2threes performance vs Portland earlier this season.

Other than the stats he has rare handle and quickness for a player his size. He can get a rebound and lead a fast break. Gets a little sloppy at times with TOs but gets to the line a bunch and has held a 60%TS last 2 seasons as he has improved. Defensively he has shown to be in the positives for his career though not a stopper.

If we sign Kyrie and they move AD to say Boston. Wonder if Pelicans would be intersted in a S&T of say Smith, Frank & Lance unguaranteed deal? Would we have to guarantee Lance's contract for the cap # to work or nah? But I think Randle is a perfect 3rd option to those guys and a real nice compliment ot Mitch and KD due to his skill set.

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5/15/2019  12:27 PM
There’s one scenario in which a sign-and-trade may genuinely make sense — if a free agent wants to join a team without cap room. However, even that scenario can’t necessarily be handled like a normal trade, since the Base Year Compensation (BYC) rule often applies.

The BYC rule applies to a specific circumstance. If a player is being signed-and-traded via Early Bird or Bird rights by a team above the salary cap, gets a raise of at least 20%, and his salary is worth more than the minimum, his cap figure for salary-matching purposes will be affected. For the team acquiring him, his full salary would apply in a trade. For the team trading him, he would count for his previous salary or 50% of his new salary, whichever is greater.

If Durant wants him, we can get him. But I don't know how.

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Julius Randle

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