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Welcome to the Knicks - RJ Barrett
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5/21/2019  2:24 PM
Nalod wrote:
Vmart wrote:
Nalod wrote:
Vmart wrote:
Nalod wrote:
Vmart wrote:I would trade the 3rd pick and the two Dallas picks for the number one pick.

I don't think anyone would object to that at all.
In fact, I'd even throw in Frank!

If needed I would throw in Knox or Dotson. Knicks have to want what they want and make the necessary sacrifices to get it.

The sarcasm was lost on you. Even the Rainman Knicks1248 picked it up!

I sense no sarcasm in what you wrote. I only sensed agreement in my thought process of trading picks for a top pick.

“I’d even throw in Frank”........I am a Frank Fan my man, I would never “Throw in “ a player I Like!
I’m not a GM or make decisions, I’m unobjective!

FRANK is the new MOSGOV

Everything in moderation. Even moderation.
Welcome to the Knicks - RJ Barrett

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