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May 14th... what would be disapointing to you?
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4/12/2019  9:14 AM
knicks1248 wrote:
Nalod wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:
martin wrote:
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GustavBahler wrote:
MS wrote:I would not go near Reddish. He's attitude is questionable and when you have 2 of the top 5 players in college basketball on your team, you should never disappear, especially when your main strength is shooting.

Top 3 is fine, obviously if we win the draft this team is set for the next decade and instantly becomes a contender. I just hope the Knicks don't foolishly give away Knox, Mitch, Smith, Frank, Trier, Dotson and a future pick for Davis.

You also have to be worried, because the Nets and Clippers have more stability in their organizations. Dolan, again proved what a deranged imbalanced ******* he is with the fan banning incident.

Speaks volumes when Balmer, West, Rivers walk into a room vs. the worst owner in spots, a questionable executive in Mills and two unknowns in Perry. Especially if you're dealing with expectations.

Zion cures all however.

If Dolan forces an AD deal, as you just described. Hope that Perry/Mills go on record against the move. Dont want to hear from Mills down the road, if things go south. That its on Dolan.

The only thing Dolan did in that deal was hand over Mosgov...Any deal for AD Require will require (knox, Mitch, frank 2018 pick,another 1st round pick dotson) basically every young guy on the roster.

The only thing? No, the dumbest thing Dolan did to handcuff his own negotiator was to tell him he couldn't fold... and the other side knew it. And they weren't playing Friday night have some beer and chips with the guys poker, this was cut throat. And when it's cut throat, you keep raising when you have a straight flush and know your opponent is holding a pair of Dolans. Mosgov was the last raise to empty Walsh's pile

Yeah i don't disagree with you here, but I think the whole trying to build a big 3(like miami had just done) and the possibility of losing him to the NETS also played key role into him folding

Naturally its assumed we trade for a lessor price Deron Williams but that's really speculation.
Bottom line 1248 was it really worth one 54 win starphuch gassed by second round season to put the team on its back as it played out?
Not that Gallo and Wilson were the backbone of a championship season but look at Denver who had a 57 win season and while they have not exactly been great, and despite drafting Mudiay, they finished this year with the 4th best record in the league are young and on the upside.
We finished last.
Its not fair to compare both teams as the circumstances are widely different but somehow Denver used our assets on the court and in trades and thus drafted pretty well even with its misses. Jokic was a trade that worked because of the system and chemistry. Luck? No, opportunities.
Dolan got his star but removed opportunities. The Chris Smith "debacle" was because he HAD to get JR here and keep him. JR had great talent but we committed to HOF bone head.
And if you have to walk away from the table you do so. Dolan was more afraid of the NEts than what was good for the team.

Dolan said a few months ago when he said ''WE DON'T HAVE A STAR" and you really cant win with out one.

Thats a damn good indication of how he thinks, I'm not going to say he is entirely wrong, but it's also a good indication that he won't hesitate to pull the trigger if the Pelicans show even a luke warm interest in a trade with us.

DSJ, frank, mitch, Dotson, 1st rounder

felton, wilson, mosgov, danilo, 1st rnd pick

My point is we can sign two max and keep the kids as we are.
Your trade wipes out youth/assets and room to only sign on max player.
You can have Durant and AD. Or Durant and say Kawhi Leonard and the kids. Just an example.
If you can’t land two and Durant says “I’m not coming unless you trade for AD, well thats a a different narrative to discuss.
Yes you need stars to win but at one price. It’s important we grow our own talent!!!!

You don't show a fool a job half done!
May 14th... what would be disapointing to you?

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