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G.S Warriors = damni N.E. Patriots of NBA thru 2020's
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2/11/2019  3:06 AM
Get used to more from this talented but sickening
Great team Golden state warriors & its organization.

League is young & so is Golden State
And my disdain for them ! Called it avid
Jealously of the perfect nba team in our
Current history. Just like superbowl champ
Beat the Warriors.

But I'm proud of our Knicks conceding to Tank!
Great! 🤲😎✌


Back to dynasty comparison Patriots & Warriors,
To quote the great ailing wrestler Nature Boy
Ric Flair "To be the Man you gotta Beat the Man!


Is same crap year in & out with Warriors & Pats we got.
Can't do a damn thing about finals representative teams in NBA & NFL.

Thus leaning against watching NBA 2019 nor NFL 2019/20 Superbowl! If
these louses Pats win AFC conf. OR louses Warriors win NBA west LIKEWISE

Whether we like it or not
Them pats and warriors are the best thing
Going on in sports ..*egads another
Ric Flair freaking' quote.

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2/11/2019  10:47 AM
Equality -> Mediocrity -> Decline
Superiority -> Greatness -> Expansion
The universal low of Humanity.
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet
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2/11/2019  10:54 AM
Aw shucks. If this is true then Lebron's Self proclaimed "Goat" was subjectively accurate for this generation.
I know it not in good taste to proclaim yourself a "Goat" and lord knows Muhammad Ali caught distain when he did it! If you don't like Lebron, you hate him more for saying it. Nalod is not a fanboy of his but I kept an arms distance from him after "the decision" because really watching greatness is worth the price. I missed Bill Russell's run, caught Wilt only after he went to LA, but really dug in on Jabbar and others. I hated Jordan because of his arrogance and he was a knick killer but I had to appreciate what he was doing. Same for others and Lebron.

If Durant leaves they are a bit more vulnerable. Boogie is an interesting fit. I doubt he stays.
They are the class of this year again. Im rooting for a three peat as Durant might see this as a good stepping off point. Klay Thompson has said one thing and I believe him if GSW gives him the max. At the same time Clippers can do that deal with player option and pull a H20 type reupping him so he regains his long term money. its not what I expect.
WTF does a fan really know but what we read.

Brady statistically is not a goat but 6 chips in 18 years is freaking amazing and he stands above Bradshaw and Montana. He is impressively handsome for a 41 year football player and has a wife who in her prime made 60mil a year, babies and is still impressively hot. If that is not a GOAT, I don't know one. Brady is a first round entry to the "MAN HOF". Other than inflategate is there really that much to hate on him for? He lied. Not cool but far from the worst thing an athlete ever did.

You don't show a fool a job half done!
G.S Warriors = damni N.E. Patriots of NBA thru 2020's

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