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Players remaining on our team...
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2/9/2019  11:26 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/9/2019  11:27 PM
Cartman718 wrote:
martin wrote:
Cartman718 wrote:
martin wrote:Mudiays whole career is proof lol
So let's ignore his play this season got it. What has Franks career shown so far and DSJr for that matter
That's called deflection.

And Mudiay has played a bit better than last and maybe previously in general but it's still way below where any playoff team would want him.

Not deflecting. Saying that he's our best choice in the current roster and if that's not a playoff team caliber PG, that's fine. Let's ship all 3 of them out then. No double standards

All 3 are incomplete.
We have playing time to continue explore and develop all 3.
It does not matter they will be good for us or we will increase their trade value.
Also it is not a tragedy if some of them will play himself out of NBA.
We need clarity about who are the once to move forward with, trade, or dump.

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2/10/2019  9:48 PM
martin wrote:
TLover wrote:Surprised we did not acquire at least a 2nd rounder for Vonleh. Even Mudiay would help a playoff team as a secondary ball handler; although practicing against DSJr will make both players better.

If we do keep Ntlinkina he better work on his jump shot all summer.

LOL Mudiay couldn’t help the Knicks win games, what makes you think he’d help a playoff team?

Bad defense bad shooting bad finishing at the rim. What does he help you out with?

tanking, he is our commander

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2/10/2019  9:50 PM
SupremeCommander wrote:
smackeddog wrote:

Begely said the magic were interested in Frank but we chose to keep him, which I think as the right decision. Need to develop him now in his future role- bench player, swinging between PG,SG, and SF. Also am looking forward to seeing him alongside Dennis Jr. Really, he just needs to nail his 3pt shooting (which I think he can do), and the rest of his game will follow.

I agree. Frank has more value to us as a guy who could be developed on a rookie deal than whatever crap we'd have gotten back. The biggest thing holding Frank back is his shot. I don't think his mechanics are broken or anything though. I just think he needs to find Allen Houston in the offseason and shoot with him over the summer, or maybe a guy like Rajon Rondo. This year, his shot has regressed. That's not good. But this isn't like we're asking Eddy Curry to rebound or block shots. If he can raise his FG% to 40 to 45% range, he becomes part of the solution. He doesn't need to score like DSJ and Knox, he just needs people to respect his shot. I don't think that that is impossible

Just knock down a 3 at 38% clip.
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2/11/2019  12:34 PM
I have not seen enough DSjr to warrant an opinion. To me Mudiay is more Ray Felton like. Not as good a shooter.
Mudiay physicality is impressive and he has made great strides this season. His ceiling might not be complete.
Not sure what his market will be. His cap hold is 12mm? If so, that's not happening.
If we renounce can we resign him for Ron Baker money? Will another team take on his development further?
Who we draft and who we sign will be big. Kadeem impressed me when I saw a Gleague game up in Greensboro.
This team will look very different this summer. That's all I can project.
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2/13/2019  1:58 PM
Only guy that looks like a keeper right now is Mitchell Robinson (and I’m okay with another year of D.Jordan) other than that everyone else can go if they can add a draft pick, move up in the draft, or add a potential young impact player (i.e. Josh Jackson).
Players remaining on our team...

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