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Bondy: Rumor Knicks keeping KP out all season causing tension with the star
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1/15/2019  2:35 PM
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What is better that nicely paid vacation.
I did not noticed that KP is stupid.
What he will be doing on by playing.
Learn to tank?

There is no point playing. KP needs to shut his twitter down and shut his pie hole. It’s all about Zion. If they so much as win a damn meaningless game and repeat the same ill fated history. This Knicks organization has tormented its fan base.

Yes. Quite frankly, KP has done more damage with his behavior than good with his play. The Knicks can't trade him fast enough. I see him more as a weak link than as a foundational player. He is another Melo in the making.

What data do you have to support this? If he feels he’s healthy, can help the team and play for a contract, he has every right to be upset. Yes, “our” Knicks are playing for a draft pick and business is business... but husiness is business for the players as well. You always think of yourself before the business. I don’t care what your fandom says.

Porky in concert with Melo wrecked havoc on Phil and Horny at the end of last year. Skipping the exit interview and then becoming an anal prima donna for the summer.

It doesn't matter how "healthy" he feels. The Knicks aren't playing to win. Period.

It makes no sense to trot KP out to play in losing causes and risk re-injury. And would a half-season of stat padding really justify a MAX contract for a player who suffered an ACL injury? Nothing he does changes that risk factor.

His contract is assured and will likely and rightly come with medical considerations.

Undermining yet another coach and front-office is bad form and a disturbing behavior pattern. I get nothing but bad vibes from this guy. Yes business is business but as a fan I'm tired of the Knicks being played as a money-sink for dysfunctional has-beens.

KP can begin earning his paychecks next year.

Just curious, what do you think he’s doing that’s undermining the coach and FO?

He already had a hissy-fit earlier in the season when Fizdale didn't say the right words to express KP's recovery status. KP was "offended" by Fiz. This juvenile kind of crap is symptomatic.

really nothing you wrote is true man. Pure tabloid drama you are feeding into.

You dont trade 23 year old all stars. You pay them.

Jmpasq... "KP is a malcontent."

Actually KP is the best guy ever. So there.

Bondy: Rumor Knicks keeping KP out all season causing tension with the star

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