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11/9/2018  6:56 PM
TripleThreat wrote:
Nalod wrote:Zion is unbelievable. This kid is a beast. My question is what is the growth trajectory of that body type? He is mack truck at 18, but is he fat by 25? His body type is huge, big boned and broad. Damn near hulk-like!!! Im not sure I have ever seen a kid this size at this age and move that good.
Is that baby fat that comes off or he insatiable oversized destiny?
Man among boys for sure!

Going against inferior competition ( relative to the NBA) with a far different attrition/schedule make up. Going a full 82 game grind, plus all the other commitments ( media, charity, team events, league events, etc) will take a toll.

It also speaks to lack of discipline.

Should the Knicks take him? If they get the first pick in the draft ( unlikely) and he's the top rated guy on the board then, you take him and trade him.

If he falls to them where they will likely pick, where he becomes more of a measured risk, then the question becomes more interesting.

What no one talks about is what many prospects do to get their weight more marketable for a draft or such. Dry fasting. Water fasting. One Meal A Day. Intermittent Fasting. While that stuff might be interesting in limited doses, the question becomes motivation short terms versus lifestyle

Even if Zion course corrects his weight for the draft, it's not true lifestyle. Which means it's not going to be sustainable.

Lack of discipline raises red flags that bleed into other things. Money problems. Family problems. Drug problems ( besides being on gear, they are all on gear) Women problems. Emotional problems. Gambling problems. Impulse control problems. When you see really fat person on the street ( and many Americans are now fat), it's one of the most obvious indicators of discipline or lack of it in most cases. While it might not be the case for some of these issues, it just raises unpleasant questions.

It's like being a man in a job interview and having a weak ass handshake. It just sends a message the wrong way about everything.

Get him if he's BPA and then immediately trade him.

9 graphs and not a relevant thought among them.

He isn't fat.

Problem solved.

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11/9/2018  8:03 PM    LAST EDITED: 11/9/2018  8:04 PM
“He’s graceful,” Coach K said Friday on a conference call ahead of Duke’s Canadian tour which begins Wednesday in Toronto. “His lateral movement and speed and anticipation is off the charts. He can drive, he can post up, he understands the really game well. I know that everyone has watched him on YouTube with all the dunking and obivously that’s impressive but he’s a heck of a basketball player.”
Coach K added: “He’s a gifted athlete. We’ve never had anyone exactly like him, which is OK. He’s a gifted athlete, a great kid.
“At that weight or approximately that weight, he moves as fast as anybody, jumps higher than anybody and he’s alert. We’re not talking about someone who has excess body fat. This is a kid that’s in pretty darn good shape and just has a man’s mass. It’s more mass and strength than any type of excess weight. I’m not concerned about that. He’s done really well.”


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