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Basketball Insiders Knick Season Preview
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9/12/2018  5:22 PM
I'm tired,I'm tired, I'm so tired right now......Kristaps Porzingis 1/3/18
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9/13/2018  8:45 AM
interesting that we are expected to be below the nets? lol thats a joke.
Nixluva is posting triangle screen grabs, even when nobody asks - Fishmike. LOL So are we going to reference that thread like the bible now? "The thread of Wroten Page 14 post 9" - EnySpree
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9/13/2018  3:05 PM
Cartman718 wrote:interesting that we are expected to be below the nets? lol thats a joke.

Not necessarily- I think we’re going to struggle to score at times, especially if any of our players get injured and KP doesn’t come back until late. We have a lot of players that need time to develop individually and as a team.

Basketball Insiders Knick Season Preview

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