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Marbury hates larry Brown
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9/8/2018  12:39 PM
technomaster wrote:
jrodmc wrote:So Larry has an NCAA chip, NBA chip and is an ******* and a documented liar. Marbles has a statue in China, a shoe factory, is an ******* and a documented ****tard. No contest on which way the scales tip there.

I wonder if Berman even still cares about this anymore.

Heh. Marbury also had his face on a stamp. So cool.

Since Dolan arrived. The knicks have been CAREER KILLERS.

Some of it I'd just bad luck.....but the facts are facts. Either they had success b4 or like Marbury sometime after.

Let's hope Kevin Knox and Dolans new hands off approach....finally turns things around.

When was the last time we've been this successful in the draft....that's starting with drafting KP. Now we have Knox who has the same star potential.... solid 2nd round picks and free agents.. with a new FO.

Feels good to be a fan once again....

"Future so bright....I can't see the past"

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9/9/2018  10:58 AM
Larry Brown Hates Marbury. So did McHale, his coaches in New Jersey, Phoenix and eventually MDA.
Mar-Bu-Ri in China did real well for himself. Sneakers don’t make the man. Kudo’s to his chips at his advanced age but lets not over do it. The statue is done by the franchise.
This was a kid statistically, like Melo that was putting up HOF stats despite his lack of team success. While he talks about Brown and Pop wanting to send him home wants lost was not Larry brown not able to get his team to play together but just how self centered that Olympic team was and for any Team USA to NOT WIN A GOLD should never be forgiven. Melo and Lebron had just finished their rookie years. There was a lot wrong with that team. Pop and Roy Williams were assistant coach’s. Larry was obviously the wrong guy for that team. 4 players all just finished rookie years. Too young. They had just two weeks to practice. There was no select team, no process to construct the team. It was a bad mix. Good talent. Remember, Lebron was 19 years old and was awesome, but he and melo were just not “Men” yet. Emeka Okafor had just come out of college.
Can’t say Marbury was the reason they lost, but he was not part of the solution. Larry was not the reason they lost either but likely demanded to much in too short a time. Young team like that needed to play loose.
Marbury was asked to go home.
You don't show a fool a job half done!
Marbury hates larry Brown

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