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Suns and Houston...Chriss/Knight for Anderson/Melton
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9/4/2018  7:07 PM
It could go bad - Chriss is talented but seems difficult to play with (bad body language, immature) - if he matures he could put the Rockets over the top. If he acts entitled and disrupts - it could be bad for the Rockets as they will already have to figure out how to integrate Melo into the team/chemistry. B.Knight if healthy could help. Anderson wasn't playing so it'a a good risk for the Rockets. I think it may be a win for both sides
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9/5/2018  8:18 AM
Chriss might do well with a veteran core vs the youth movement that was in Suns.
Melo was not a bad influence on younger players.
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9/5/2018  10:28 AM
David Griffin was on the radio yesterday raving about what a steal this deal was for Houston but I really don't agree at all.

He was raving about Chriss's upside and what CP3 could do for Chris plus he noted Houston saved some cash.

From Phoenix point of view I'm not sure why they threw Chriss in the deal -- I just wouldn't have done that give how desperate Houston was to off-load Anderson and save $$$.

IMO Melton is by far the most interesting (up-side) player in this deal and fact that Phx off-set much of Anderson contract with inclusion of Knight and reducing Anderson deal by $5M makes me like deal more for Phx.

If anything Melton may have been useful defending some of GS & OKC perimeter players.

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9/9/2018  10:35 AM
Anderson brings some experience to a young team and a tall shooter who can open things up.
Chriss under veteran HOF leadership might do very well to listen and learn.
Rockets needed to get an injection of yoot with upside.
Not sure just one team wins or loses because its about what those players brings to two distinct circumstances.
We tend to view treads as stand alone acquisitions but its far from that. We have seen trades that are WIN-WIN and even LOSE-LOSE! We sometimes over value potential and under value it. IF a player has yet to click we assume it won’t which is the statistical probability. Knicks are loaded now with former blue chips and its doubtful they all become FizKids but if just one breaks out of 4 its a major win for the team.
House of Dolan.....where coaching careers die but Hope Lives.........
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9/9/2018  12:03 PM
Nalod wrote:
Rockets needed to get an injection of yoot with upside.

They needed 3 And D wings who were cost controlled. And they needed a lot of them. Basically they needed Melton times 3.

Brandon Knight is coming off a major injury and wasn't exactly setting the league on fire before that. Chriss is an idiot. Look at Chriss' demographic. That is his ONLY media protection. No different than the sports media somehow refusing to just call Mike Vick a low IQ QB. Watching Chriss play, he's a dummy. Zero BB IQ. Doesn't know where to be or why he needs to be there. If there is a decision tree and there is one good decision pathway, two bad ones and just one plain horrible one, Chriss will always choose the outright horrible one.

Jamal Crawford knows what the right play should be, he just doesn't care. He chooses the selfish play.

Chriss doesn't know what the right play should be. Nor does he even know what the wrong play should be. He doesn't understand the difference. He chooses the path of least resistance on the court. "Feels Over Reals"

They've also pushed Melo into the starting lineup.

As Charles Barkley quips, what are they going to do? Cut the ball in half? Paul NEEDS the ball in his hands to run the offense. Harden is as ball dominant as you get. That team can barely function with those two. Plus Melo and his ball stopping ways? At least Anderson spaced the floor, Melo is going to clog the lanes going for his 15 jab step long twos at the worst possible moment.

Jab step. Jab step. Head fake. Jab step. Jab step. Jab step. Jab step. Off balance jumper, long two, with two teammates wide open. Clank. Bitch to the ref about a phantom foul call Melo hoped would come just for being an Olympian. Rest of his team getting gutted in transition the other way on defense.

My first hand experience -

You can play with a guy who is ignorant ( tries hard but is low sports IQ). You can look at the guys strengths and hope you can find the right tradeoffs.
You can even play with a guy who is stupid ( average sports IQ but lazy/irresponsible) It's tough but you can sometimes overcome.
But you can't play with a total ******* ( zero sports IQ plus doesn't give a ****)

Melo - Total *******
Chriss - Total ******* shaded by the fact that's he's still young

Ryan Anderson, for his flaws, is still more valuable than both of them.

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9/11/2018  10:54 AM
Knight looked pretty darned good back in 2015-2016 when he shared the backcourt with Bledsoe. Was looking like a 20/6/5 sort of player. Obviously with the injury, there's no telling whether he'll be playing at that form again or with the same passion coming off the bench - with a whole bunch of ball dominant players. Jury's still out on that acquisition.

Chriss, though seemingly a bonehead more than anything to this point, offers upside, athleticism, and youthful vigor. The risk with veteran teams (where no one is playing for a contract) is complacency... and lots of players "coasting" and saving themselves for the playoffs. Chriss is still playing for something. In a winning environment, there's nowhere to go but up. If he stagnates, his contract can end after a year - and we still don't think of Anderson as much more than a spacer anyway so they didn't lose too much along the way.

(Dang, so bored with the lack of Knick news right now.)

“That was two, two from the heart.” - John Starks
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9/15/2018  9:19 AM
Suns with their new European coach would certainly be inclined to trade the expirings of Tyson Chandler & Darell Arthur for Noah if they were to get Frank Ntlikina in the deal. Tough for the Knicks to give up on such a young kid but he wasn’t drafted by this gm or coach.

We have Trey Burke and we want to make a run at Kyrie and we have this years 1st rounder, I’d have to consider it.

Suns and Houston...Chriss/Knight for Anderson/Melton

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