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Meanwhile at the Post
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7/12/2018  6:55 PM
knicks1248 wrote:
Cartman718 wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:
newyorknewyork wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:
Nalod wrote:
Chandler wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:do we have to make a daily thread about this kid

why are you so predictably negative?

any one could see the article is about the POST and it's whipsaw reactions, not Frank


We can make the thread about Knicks1248.

Bull SHT, the post has articles on the Knicks everyday, the only reason this thread was started was because it concerned frank. You could pull hundreds of the post knick articles where they flip flop, do we start a thread every time that happens...

Berman is practically the only knicks beat writer who has been non stop this off season keeping casual fans updated, now you want nit pick because it's about frank...BOO HOOO..lol

If the thread used someone other than Frank as an example. Would you have even responded? Or is Frank an emotional trigger for you?

You referring to me or the person who started the thread.

The kid is a decent role player to me, I couldn't care less if he stays or goes, same way I feel about the entire roster.

They haven't done anything to make me get emotionally attached.

lol i would have made the same thread about any of the knicks players honestly. maybe you haven't followed by posts during frank's rookie year, i was an advocate of him going to g-league to get his shooting confidence up at one point. having seen his entire rookie journey, i do feel he will take another step forward this year, whether it's a giant step or not...remains to be seen. but i am hopeful...and emotionally attached :) just like every other knicks fan.

I really wanted a young guard like Jason Hart Trae young, sexton, even TIER, guards who are aggressive, can pass, and put tons of pressure on the defense.

Now that we have seen frank play against players at his level, he still looks pretty passive (aside from the occasional burst) I don't really see him ever being like those dudes. But, I'm cool with that, I just don't want him playing as a primary PG on this team, that's not a good look for him.

your probably going to see a lot more articles like the one you posted, because he's the type of player who shows glimpses one day, and nothing the next.

i think that's the expectation for him this season...get consistent by the month of march

Nixluva is posting triangle screen grabs, even when nobody asks - Fishmike. LOL So are we going to reference that thread like the bible now? "The thread of Wroten Page 14 post 9" - EnySpree
Meanwhile at the Post

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