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Jabari Parker is a Free Agent
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7/6/2018  1:38 PM
come on how ??
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7/6/2018  2:40 PM
dwiley20 wrote:come on how ??

He's restricted and the Bucks gave him a qualifying offer. Means if he signed a multi-year deal that was generally team favorable, the Bucks would just match and see what happens. No team is going to offer a sizable deal, not in this cap environment and not with his injury history and not with his lockerroom glitches.

Teams are considering, if he has to use this year to rehab anyway, why not see what happens next year when he's on the open market. When more teams will have cap space and he's either more or less of a known quantity.

This is one of the cases where a player was lucky to a first round pick ( guaranteed money) but unlucky to not be a 2nd round pick ( he'd have more freedom at this point to find a better franchise fit with a pathway to playing time)

When he becomes a true street free agent - Miami, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Jersey

All either have good coaches or good developmental systems or good reps for dealing with wayward type players.

Barring injury, he has all the talent in the world. He's been injured enough where his developmental cycle was stunted. Interesting player, likely no chance he'll ever be a Knick.

"Should have paid Lin and rid ourselves of Melo. Lin makes every team better." - HofstraBBall 11/12/2018
Jabari Parker is a Free Agent

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