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what would it take to get Lillard
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7/6/2018  9:00 PM
knicks1248 wrote:
Cartman718 wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:I don't have a lot faith in us nabbing an All star if we finish the season with 25 to 30 wins. We just seen this movie play out 3 yrs ago when the only guys we got we're lee, over paid for NOAH, kOQ, and dwill, and we had enough to sign a max player,which none came calling.

We need 2 or 3 All stars to contend, and you need all stars to attract other all stars. Our young players have to play at the level the Celtics and Sixers youngsters played at..

who says we need to contend right now...we are finally building the right away. Pretty sure that Perry and Mills and Fizdale are not interested in shortchanging youth development by trading away assets. If no one joins from FA class of 2019, then FO will be content to let youngsters develop for another year. I do expect this team to be very competitive in the 2020-2021 season regardless of who signs in summer 2020. By then, our team would have matured enough to be like the young Celtics team we see today. That in itself would attract stars.

It's not like the Celtics team had all-stars in their lineup when Kyrie requested to be traded and was ok with going to Celtics. At least we have one bonafide one in KP, the others will develop.

A lot will be base on how these young guys play and how fiz develops these players. While you may be ok with skipping over 2019 FA class I highly doubt that's the FO thinking, as they have clearly stated over and over that 2019 is the yr.

Now unless you want more Noah, baker and THJ type contracts doled out, we're going to need to have a very productive season, or your going to over pay for 2nd tier talent.

I wouldn't trade for lillard, but i would cj

I can almost guarantee they'd be ok with skipping over the 2019 FA class if it meant sacrificing our promising youth. Trading for Lillard does that so that's automatically out. Same would apply to RFAs next year

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7/6/2018  10:03 PM
They would want Frank, Knox, and #1s.

Lillard turns 28 in a couple of days, and would be 29 by the time he played with a fully ready KP.

Knowing the Knicks, we would let KP play the second half of the season, win a few extra games, and we would lose the restricted 2019 #1 we would give up for Lillard.

Might do it if he was 24 going on 25, and KP was not injured. He seems made for a team ready to win now, though.

I want to see our young players develop together, and see what they can grow into. Won't say that I'm not intrigued by having Lillard with the Knicks, but giving up two teenage top picks, and more in the future, seems like we are going back to the old days again.

How do folks think GS got Durant to go there? They built from the draft and picked up some complimentary pieces.
Curry, Thompson, Green, and Harrison Barnes were not "blue chip" players when they were drafted...they developed over time. Curry was on 3 lottery teams, and teams that won 23 & 26 games during his first 3 years. Green was a 22yr old scrub his first season, and only a 20MPG rotation player his second season.

If we are looking for a star player, I'd rather wait for Irving, who has roots in the East, and we could make the Knicks better without giving away young talent, and also hurt the Celtics at the same time.

Trading for Lillard would be the same as trading for Anthony (Maybe worse). No matter what folks want to say, we hurt the team in the long run by trading away players who, even if you didn't love them, might have been trade assets later on. We were also forced to use our contract amnesty provision (is that what it was called) on someone other than Amare, who it should have been used on.

Why give up young assets and draft picks for Lillard, when you might have Irving, a younger player (though injury prone) available after next year?

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7/9/2018  12:36 AM
knicks1248 wrote:
Damian Lillard has been among the names rumored to be a target of the Los Angeles Lakers after the franchise missed out on Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins as a potential sidekick to LeBron James.

According to what ESPN’s Steven A. Smith (via Thomas Duffy of Bycycle) said on his radio show, the Portland Trail Blazers floor general could also be traded to the Knicks, who have been in search of a true star at the position.

Lillard has always had a loyalist position, determined to make the most of his time with the team that drafted him, while reserving his judgment to those who choose to find friends to play next to, amid the fad of the making of superteams.

Though the Blazers could decide to swing a deal after the core of this roster hasn’t proved to show much in the postseason, recently getting swept out of the first round by a DeMarcus-Cousins-less New Orleans Pelicans.

The Lakers just signed Rajon Rondo to a one-year, $9 million deal, likely to mentor and compete with injured point guard Lonzo Ball. Signing Lillard would surely involve parting ways with Ball, who has vastly underperformed during his first year in the league.

The Knicks have looked for answers on rookie Frank Ntilikina and midseason addition Emmanuel Mudiay, but gotten very little answers from either of them, as Trey Burke has looked like the most capable at the position.

Starting Lillard would surely give Kristaps Porzingis a working star partner, but the Knicks have been freeing up cap space to set themselves up for the 2019 offseason, making this potential acquisition a lot less likely.

or would you rather wait to see what Irving does, or how burke plays?

I love KP our star mending
But I deal him straight up for Lillard,
In a flash.

Problem solved, end of story as well as
End of point guard problem on Knickerbockers

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what would it take to get Lillard

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