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Who is most likely to be there at 9?

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I just want to gauge everyone's thoughts. I prefer to stay at 9 because i see a consensus top 9 and then a bit of a drop in terms of where NBA people think guys will land. Assuming Ayton, Doncic, Bagley, Jackson Jr, and Bamba all go in the top 5 or 6, that leaves Mikal Bridges, Carter, Young, and Porter. Guys like Miles Bridges and Sexton are nice prospects too, but they range a bit more in mock drafts. It seems like every mock draft has a consistent top 9, or at worst, none of those top 9 falling out of the top 10. So who is most likely to be there at 9? I say take that guy and run.
Mikal Bridges
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6/13/2018  10:13 AM

I don't see 8 teams passing on what Porter will be if his back is healthy.

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6/13/2018  10:43 AM
I don't see Porter or Young getting past the Cavs if either dropped. Likely we choose from either of the Bridges, or Sexton, with Carter being a possibility
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6/13/2018  9:59 PM
What teams do with their pick is something thats hard to predict.

A team moving up into the top 5 might affect how the following teams draft.

Might change their focus to another position, and shake up things further down the draft, like at 9.

Boston knows they need a deep roster to compete with the likes of Philly, GS. I will be surprised if they dont make another move. Hopefully it will benefit the Knicks in some way.

Who is most likely to be there at 9?

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