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Kyrie to the Knicks - yes/no
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6/13/2018  11:14 AM
Knixkik wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:No. Too much money and too injury prone.

seems like injuries in sports are a given unless your Labron/brett favre/cal ripken.

Durability in sports is so rare, it doesnt matter who we get, injuries can happen at any time to anyone.

I'm sure KP is starting to get injury prone label

There's only a few iron men in sports. Hopefully after this, KP can avoid anymore major injuries, but i assume he will be a 60-70 game per year guy. That is fine as long as we have help. Kemba Walker might actually be more likely to get than Kyrie. He's not as good, but he's less of an injury risk i guess.

IMO depth is the key to any successful team, which is why Boston made it as far as they did, and why Houston crumbled after CP3 got hurt...especially when it comes to point guards, I think in the NBA your back up pg should be able to start on most teams. Having kyrie and burke is a good look

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6/13/2018  11:53 AM
I really cannot explain how assinine trading ANYTHING for Kyrie would be. If the Knicks really are the only team he wants to play for, why would youngive up anything for him when you know he’ll come here via free agency. With him this season, we are a first round and out playoff team at absolute best and a 10-13 pick lotto team at worst. Why would you risk that when you know he’ll probably come next Summer when we have KP coming back, possible capspace for maybe 2 stars (or maybe just Kyrie) a lotto pick and this years 9th.

We made this mistake trading for Melo when we could have had him in free agency. We have the upperhand here. Why would we play ourselves..... again.

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Kyrie to the Knicks - yes/no

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