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With Cs and Sixers there is no hope
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5/17/2018  8:00 AM
Doom and gloom......I feel sorry for those that actually listen to you or follow you. I'm sure they are going crazy right now with these up and down post. Briggs.....we had no chance once we traded Ewing. Did u bury your head for over 20 yrs. Drown yourself in fear and depression...and doubt. That's a terrible way to live each day.

I will give you sone advice.....lower your expectations. With more unachievable goals.

Q: What is the difference between a Knicks fan and a baby? A: The baby will stop whining after awhile.
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5/17/2018  9:03 AM
Random thought...what would Briggs do if mods locked him from making threads for a week.
Nixluva is posting triangle screen grabs, even when nobody asks - Fishmike. LOL So are we going to reference that thread like the bible now? "The thread of Wroten Page 14 post 9" - EnySpree
With Cs and Sixers there is no hope

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