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Odds of trading Lee/Lance to...
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5/22/2018  3:16 PM
Jmpasq wrote:No one is trading for Lance Thomas unless they want to dump a bad contract.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned John Wall again yet.

Do I think the Knicks should trade for John Wall? No. Do I think it's a good fit in any fashion? No. Do the Wizards want out from that millstone of a contract? Yes. Badly so. Would Dolan be dumb enough to green light this trade? Yes.

If the Knicks gave them a first round pick and enough salary match that sheds as much cap burden as possible for Washington, John Wall is free for the taking.

"Should have paid Lin and rid ourselves of Melo. Lin makes every team better." - HofstraBBall 11/12/2018
Odds of trading Lee/Lance to...

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