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Ban BlueSeats
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5/7/2018  12:38 PM
I have it on good information that he really sat in the Green seats.
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6/16/2018  7:58 AM
GustavBahler wrote:I have it on good information that he really sat in the Green seats.

Fire Perry and Mills.
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10/29/2018  4:30 PM
Ha, took me a while to see this. Whatup Bahler?

Proud member of section 422 Row A, right behind the press box and next to a seats reserved for friends/family of the Knicks City dancers. Though the remodel laid all that to waste.

Would be happy to sit in any color seats that someone else is paying for, but blues were what I could afford. And that was back when my tix were $40 a pop.

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11/5/2018  8:47 AM
friends/family of KCD? You post this with no pics? What sort of deranged cretan are you?
Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make it too far in the playoffs. Or maybe it will...next year... after we trade away everything for Kawhi... and Dame... and CP3...
Ban BlueSeats

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