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Darryle Morrey on the Knicks
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4/16/2018  8:21 AM    LAST EDITED: 4/16/2018  11:14 AM
If you take a step back Dolan is the constant. He stepped only after he starphuched himself with Phil because of the star power he had.
Remember it was the persuasive Irving Azoff a friend of Dolan’s who got this marriage going and Dolan chased Phil around with money too big to say no to. Phil, for all his wizardry was proven to be a miserable executive.
Remember he hired Mills first then Phil.
Only since Phil was fired do we have a hierarchy in place that is “normal”.
Knicks1248: 1. Dolan should be more involved! 2. Why would any knick fan want pick 8, when that spot has a history of producing marginal NBA taken. (He prefers pick 9th instead)
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4/16/2018  9:38 AM
excluding dolan:

constant change.
no patience.

Darryle Morrey on the Knicks

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