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Why KP getting injured was the best thing to happen to the Knicks in years
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3/12/2018  1:05 PM    LAST EDITED: 3/12/2018  1:07 PM
KP getting injured was bad yeah, but look at it this way. The Knicks would have probably done something dumb to win now. I'm sure KP was getting frustrated and wanted to start winning already. This buys the Knicks time to build up through the draft a little, especially this year for the tank, it's just too bad we could get a few more losses early on cause it's looking unlikely we get in the top 5. If anything, the Knicks are SO due for a little luck in the lottery. Maybe Silver will give us a break since we have been so terrible for so long and the KP injury. Imagine a KP Doncic team up?

Besides that I don't think we are in as bad a situation as people on this board think. It's just that nobody has any patience. Frank sucks? The kid is only in his first year. Yeah I guess Kawaii sucked too since his first year stats weren't that great. Look at the big picture. The team sucks this year but it's probably partly to tank. Hardaway is a decent 3rd option for the future. Mudiay has potential but maybe not as a starter. We have some decent young role players to build on.

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3/12/2018  2:01 PM    LAST EDITED: 3/12/2018  2:01 PM
The way i see it, KP is our one star.

Frank has the potential to be a solid 2-way player and 4th best player on a good team.

Kanter and Hardaway both can be 5th best or 6th man on a good team with their offense.

It means we really need our 2nd and 3rd guy. Hopefully we land one of them in the draft, and maybe another in free agency in 2019. We can turn this around quick but it will take luck.

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3/12/2018  3:09 PM
There is nothing good about blowing out ones ACL.
The notion that KP if team didn't make playoffs would leave is non disclosed because nobody knows what KP is thinking.
So much has changed since last summer. There is no evidence KP is unhappy or discontent.
As for Frank being a star or a scrub, well that too is still a very open question. Maybe the queation we have was "Why did we draft him if he was this far in his potential?
IF not For Mitchell, would we really be this down on the kid? DSjr sits with knee soreness and he is only a year older.
Frank looks like a teenager with men. He is a teenager!!!
I get the critique of him but the labels are stupid. Just as dumb to say he is a bust as much to say he'll be a star. As for "role player"? Well, he was taken 8th and is a role player now.
We are in unchartered waters regarding the knicks. Most of us have never been thru a proper rebuild and don't know how to act.
Sorry, there is not a one good thing about a unicorn blowing out his ACL other than Unicorns have good endings and he should be OK.
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3/12/2018  3:09 PM    LAST EDITED: 3/12/2018  3:12 PM
The unfortunate absence of the best player has some positive opportunities for sure.
More playing time and more responsibilities leads to faster way to evaluate and develop other assets.
The clarity with not making playoffs this year and most likely next year opening the door for playing prospects and bring players on short contracts to see if we can find some gems.
Also this situation will push our "veterans" with contracts due to make a decision if they want to stick around for long rebuild of find better opportunities.
We will get committed players (if we like them) for price we want or have a free cap space if they will go.
In addition we will lose more games and will have better draft selections.
For KP himself it gives an opportunity to mature physically and mentally and show from what he is made off.
Also the possibility of him bolt when his contract is up reduces a lot.
After experiencing this he will need long term financial security with biggest possible money and this will be here in NY.
Still the key for success is to establish team structure and culture.
Finally the situation should make ownership and even fan base more patient and reduce the drama.
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3/12/2018  3:22 PM
Knick fans have sunk so low.. imagine the perspective of needing and injury to young player to save us from the front office's stupidity. Thats not a knock on the topic starter... but man cmon. Nothing good here. I tore my ACL as well and am confident KP can come back 95%. What this probably helps us with is continuing a rebuild for next year as well, which is exactly what we need.

We are an expansion team with an injured KP, a couple prospects and a few vets to show the way. We got a ways to go and thats ok

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3/12/2018  4:03 PM
I agree this is a great opportunity to grab more draft talent. I also think we pull a San Antonio and tell kp to sit all of next year and get ready to dominate the center position after next off season.

This year we will probably hit the 8 th spot let’s get Michael Porter jr, or Mikal Bridges... of course if we could land doncic duh . Then next year we gun for the the number one spot and grab the most talented player available.

We should also let all of our free agents walk and move on from our mediocre vets like Lee and lance

Hopeful line up for 2020
C. KP,Kornet
PF. Number 1 lottery pick 2019, free agent signing
SF. Number 8 pick In this years draft, Troy Williams
SG. Avery Bradley, thjr
PG. frank, Burke?

Yes we are on the right rebuild path! We need to follow through, will it be tough to watch yes ! But also fun if you like developing the youth

By 2020 we could be serious contenders ala San Antonio! And have 15 +years of greatness!

Why KP getting injured was the best thing to happen to the Knicks in years

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