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Anybody Catch What Beasley Was Saying At The Free Throw Line To Napier?
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3/7/2018  1:45 PM
Three seconds left in the third, Napier was on the line. He started smiling and laughing. I rewound the tape because I could hear someone was saying things to him. It was Beasley. First thing he said was something about being friends with Napier, Napier laughed, and I definitely caught the second thing:

"You can't come to my birthday party no more."

Napier laughed, made the shot, and then Beasley went at it again at Napier. Breen was talking over it so I couldn't make it out, but Napier again was laughing (he again made the shot).

Beasley and Napier did play together in Miami so they are obviously buddies. It was good stuff. Beez is alright.

Look, the season is a washout, I look for little things to make the games enjoyable.

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3/8/2018  3:10 PM
Beasley is a good teammate. I just wish he would dominate e every single night. He has the opportunity to do it now that KP is out and he's actually been less aggressive since KP been out.
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3/8/2018  4:31 PM
Beasley said


Anybody Catch What Beasley Was Saying At The Free Throw Line To Napier?

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