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My God Mudiay is awful
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3/13/2018  10:43 PM
blkexec wrote:
blkexec wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:
Sangfroid wrote:
Nalod wrote:Rozier was developed. We need to grow our own "Roziers".
If there is glitch in Mudiay's game and knicks think it can be fixed then there is little harm.
Just because mudiay is NOT (Good)(Smart)does not mean he never will be.
He is bloody awful now. Im not a pro scout/coach and know enough to either blow him off or understand what can be fixed.
But I have seen it happen.

Mudiay just doesn't have high BBIQ

only watched the end of the 3rd and 4th tonight. Thought he looked good.

Same here....i only watched the same amount.....He looked ok to me. But he didn't look like a starting PG on a championship team.....which is the ultimate goal. He looks like a raw egg hatched too early. Sometimens u are stuck at this stage. Let's hope he comes back in better shape....and more confidence on his 3 pt shot.

OK....can I change my mind????

I just watched Mudiay make a HS mistake......I didn't know his IQ was that low.....Hes like a grown rookie with athleticism and no brains. Definitely not ready to be a starter.

Starter? Mudiay is halfway out the NBA door as a player. If he didn't have a contract for next year, he would be a min salary player and probably bounce into the GLeague

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My God Mudiay is awful

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