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I want to get behind these guys
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3/7/2018  12:10 AM
We have no PG in a league that is dominated by them
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3/7/2018  6:06 AM
BRIGGS wrote:I want to be encouraging as a fan-- but Mudiay has to meet us halfway and make some darn shots. I'm not sure what the asking price for Payton was but he's been light years better than Mudiay in every single category.

reports were they asked for Frank which is ridiculous

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3/7/2018  8:08 AM
Sangfroid wrote:
martin wrote:
Vmart wrote:
martin wrote:I can't figure out Mudiay's potential. Can he score? Pass? Run a team? Offer defense? I know there is a slight adjustment moving to a new team but IMO he hasn't shown much. I can't even see the potential to do things as a PG.

IMO Mudiay gonna have to put in a LOT of work this summer and show it on the court next year or he will be forever a min salary guy or out of league very soon.

Mudiay is Denver’s trash. Denver figured it out that it was time to move on. But let’s give kudos to Perry for his outside the box thinking. Just because they are young doesn’t mean they will improve on their flaws.

Yeah, same was said about Billups and a lot of others, I just can't see what Mudiay has going for him that he can develop, something that sets him apart. Right now he is a big guy (for a PG) who dribbles.

The light is fading on Mudiay. That decision to go to China instead of toiling under Larry Brown at SMU is taking its' toll

NCAA ruled him ineligible because the high school he went to was not accredited.
That is why he did not go to SMU.
His family was poor and they needed money.
I don’t know his head, if he is lazy, if he is misswired or not able to soak in lessons. I suppose Denver has a better idea.
I’m ok giving him this opportunity to play, coaches can pick his game apart and give him a summer to work on it. IF not, it cost us McDermott whom we were not going to sign and we swapped a 2nd pick?
Troy Williams might be the best player of the three.

You don't show a fool a job half done!
I want to get behind these guys

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