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KOQ in a nutshell
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3/6/2018  5:41 PM
martin wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
EnySpree wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
martin wrote:IMO reason KOQ will never be a starter or important big man on a playoff team (even off bench). Same reason I don’t offer him a long term contract (unless it’s at $5m per)

Constantly sits in paint on D, commits way too many illegal screens, etc

How many guys do we have that right now would get significant minutes on a strong playoff team?! Probably just one injured guy. That's too high a standard for us to have.

Instead of crying about it, who do you like thats available to us next season? KOQ is definately at a crossroads this summer. He's not a complete bum so let's not exaggerate his flaws. If you don't like him fine... but let's talk about who we can bring in that is better fit in your opinions

I was criticizing Martin's view. I think KOQ could be a backup on plenty of good teams. I don't think GSW and HOU were inquiring about him just to sit him on the bench.
Martin's focusing on the negative. Fine but there aren't many Cs in the league who can give you 22 points (14 from the field, 8 from assists) per 36 min with good rebounding and blocks.

KOQ will never get to 36 minutes. EVER. He makes too many mistakes - and we ain't talking about a 19 or 20 year old who is still feeling his way through the league.

And his 36 is based off of bench minutes on a team starved for good players. What's his TO and foul rate per 36? And how do those rates compare to players coming off bench for a playoff team?

KO'Quinn has been our best 2 way C/F on the roster the past 3 seasons .. Quinn came to the NBA as a natural PF (Oakley) .. the Knicks 3 dum coaches in the past 3 seasons has always decreased Quinn's playingtime minute when they feel the need to TANK the rest of the season. plus Quinn has been the only big man the Knicks bring off the bench we can rely on to grab defensive rebounds n protect the paint from inside scoring. All our other big men (except Lopez) consistently give Knicks opponents 2nd n 3rd chance shots. The Knicks has never put a reliable PF in a lineup with Quinn in 3 years.
Boston has Horford as their PF .. Houston has Anderson as their PF, Raptor's has Ibaka as their PF. Philly has Saric as their PF. GS has Barkley (Green) as their PF.
The TANKING Knicks would put all the above mention PF in the center position to be 32 win season team.
Who did the Knicks have at the PF spot to help the center down low?
A soft no rebounding TIRED 7.3 KP who fear physical contact in the paint.
A weak Lance Thomas who can't rebound nor box out nor defend the paint.
And a offensive SF Beasley that's not structure to play the PF position.
The Knicks had a chance to make WHG into a PF by tandem WHG n Quinn in a lineup, but feared WHG n Quinn would have co-exist in a lineup on both ends of the court especially on the defensive end by only giving opponent one shot.

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3/7/2018  5:35 PM    LAST EDITED: 3/7/2018  5:35 PM
fishmike wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
fishmike wrote:
martin wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
martin wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:He was awesome in last night's fourth quarter.

KOQ has his moments. I was happily surprised at his play early this season and thought he had turned a corner.

This is KOQ's 3rd year as a Knicks player and the first year I thought he came into the season in proper shape. I'll give him a sliver of an excuse the first year after his father passed away, but realistically he came in overweight and very out of shape. No excuse for a player to finally get his body right 2 years later, but he is in a contract year.

KOQ makes too many mental mistakes, and the same ones over and over and over again, and he can't seem to break bad habits. If and you me and everyone else can easily see these mistakes on TV you KNOW the coaching staff is riding him about them on a daily basis, and yet little to no change.

KOQ has great strength and super long arms, very good timing down low to make up for lack of vertical burst as a C/PF. In 3 years he has not been able to expand his shooting range, same as it was before he came from Orlando. Still can't understand how a player like him can't figure out how to set a legal pick. Love his passing this year.

The Knicks mostly like won't make playoffs for another 2 years, and by then KOQ will be 31 at that year's end.

He is not long for the Knicks team IMHO

He does not do any harm either. If you can get him cheap, he is a good role player and trade asset. Although I'd rather keep him, if they weren't going to re-sign him they should have traded him.

what price?

they couldnt trade him at $4mm expiring, how are they trading him for more money, older and with more years? Makes no sense. KOQ is not good. He's really good sometimes, really bad others, and the really bad usually against quality opponents.

I like him, good locker room guy and bench player. Not someone you resign to a rebuilding team going to the lottery. How many wins is KOQ adding?

$5 or 6 mil a year? Otherwise, you're probably get an inferior player/worse trade asset at that price anyway.
right so you are only signing him if he whiffs at free agency, and then you are only giving him token short term salary with an eye to trade him later.

Ill ask again... why bother? Just move on and get a guy worth developing. Leave the roster spot for a prospect.

Do we care if playing KOQ over say Kornet gets us from 30 wins to 33 wins? Just keep the slot open see if you can develop a guy who fits into the long term plans

Well I'm really not a fan of any of the veterans (guys off rookie contracts) on this team - at least not at their current prices. If you want to go that full rebuild route, I am 100% on board. But that means clearing cap space, getting assets, and starting over (while keeping KP and Frank). And it means signing players only if the contract is good value (not because we desperately need a player and must outbid other teams).
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3/11/2018  12:26 AM
Work with what we've got. KOQ opts out, good luck to him. Kanter will probably opt in, if not, put Noah to work. That will give us Noah, Kornet and whoever we pick up. In 2019, Kanter will be off the payroll and Noah will be expiring.
"We are playing a game. We are playing at not playing a game..."
KOQ in a nutshell

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