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Frank is not a point guard, why does that hurt you?
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3/1/2018  8:40 PM
TripleThreat wrote:
TLover wrote:Regarding what I said previously.. trading Frank to get rid of Noah would make sense bc we do have 2 promising point guards in Mudiay & Burke and that Frank was drafted by Phil Jackson to be a triangle point guard. Frank will be a solid 3 & D shooting guard which is fine but we already have C.Lee for that. An easy player to find in this league.....

A cost controlled 3 And D wing who can legitimately defend the perimeter and has the potential to guard four positions at an elite level (i.e. position less basketball) is probably the most valuable thing in the entire league. Solid wing play has the highest positional value in all of the NBA right now.

With the advent of the "attack guard", the way the refs massage games for the ratings/narrative and the lack of the ability to hand check, that any team could have a cost controlled with the ceiling to be an elite defender wing and would want to trade him is insane.

You find defenders and hope their offense comes around. You keep going for gunner, rarely will that good defense ever develop.

Trading Ntilikina now is insane. Completely insane.

Your right about that, cheap 3 and Wings are insanely valuable. You can't have enough of them either. I like Frank more as a 2 I just wish we weren't locked into Hardaway
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Frank is not a point guard, why does that hurt you?

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