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Philly winning finally and everyone wants in
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2/25/2018  5:24 PM
Their star player is a ham and very likeable. He was recruiting at the all star game. Sixers are lucky they got their hands on Ben Simmons in the draft. They got Riddick in the summer that didn't make much sense at the time but it showed the intrest. Belinelli quickly signed after he got waived... illyasova is about to sign with them when he's bought out. It's not spectacular yet, but they have big momentum at the moment. Players are talking about Philly again... eagles just won the Superbowl... they have some good juju.

This summer is gonna be important for them. They probably will draft at a decent spot still just out of the lottery. They could sign someone this summer... a 30 mill type player possibly. Exciting time for them.

The Knicks just have to get to that point. Kp is hurt but he's stl in the stable. We don't have to focus on him. We need to focus on the draft and the unbelievable eye for talent Scott Perry seems to have. When KP comes back, we have the potential to be really stacked with talent and have the potential to have a cap situation ready to pounce at some opportunities.

Troy Williams said something that stood out.... the Knicks players seem to be just really good guys. Welcoming... that goes a long way. Players talk. 90% of winning g comes with having good teammates and a good healthy atmosphere to work.

Knicks are so close to catching fire. I think we all love where we are at from a rebuilding position. Rome can't be built in a day, but I love what we're doing.... alot of good things are going to come out of what we're doing now

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Philly winning finally and everyone wants in

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